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Coronavirus: Woman in Swiss lockdown shows what UK could have if we stopped panic-buying

A woman living in Switzerland has shown how people in the country are keeping calm - even on day two of a country-wide lockdown.

With coronavirus continuing to spread and still so much unknown about the illness, there's a lot of panic about.

And with the word 'lockdown' being thrown around over recent days, people can't seem to stop heading to their shop to stock up on everything and anything.

Supermarket bosses have urged people to shop normally and say there's no need to bulk-buy, but that doesn't appear to have done the trick.

Photos and videos of queues at shops and empty aisles have been doing the rounds online, with the most vulnerable members of society feeling the impact the hardest.

It's chaos - but one woman has shown us that it really doesn't have to be that way and we should all just calm down.

Twitter user named mel_giancarlo has shared a video from her local supermarket.

Mel is currently living in Switzerland, where the country is on a lockdown, with all public and private events banned and all restaurants and bars closed.

But despite this, she says people are remaining calm - and the evidence is in her footage, which shows a fully stocked supermarket.

Alongside the clip, she tweeted: "Just back from the supermarket here in Switzerland.

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