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Angela Nwosu blows hot on critics, says "I don't give a damn about what you think about me".

Definitely whether you do good or bad people must talk. You eat they will talk, you don't eat they will talk, eventually the circle goes around for everybody.

According to a press release by, yesterday July 15, Angela Nwosu a spiritualist and wife to soundmind has this to say, "I like to believe that on a scale of 1to10 with 10 being the most severe, I am 1 when it comes to giving a damn about what people think about me." This is coming up after a lady took to to drag the social media influencer for deceiving and selling fake luck bracelet (amulet) to people The influencer went on to say that she is not going to deny the fact that she's is touched atimes by the words of critics. In her words she said " my profession of being a spiritualist, freelancer, writer and a raw girl has taught me that strangers are going to judge my work and my life no matter how much heart and soul I put into it I'm fine with that." Well I never knew that spirits had feelings.

Picture of her spiritual activity:

The self acclaimed eze ndi otu nzuzo ( goddess of secret cult) through her Facebook account however gave a piece of what one may call a "to whom it may concern" advice to her followers stating that one's vibes attracts his/her tribe therefore, people should be themselves a d so doing they will find like-minded souls around them.

A picture of her amulet. ( Favour bracelet):

Moreso, president of the Angienation, Angela Nwosu said told her followers to surround themselves with people who matters and they will find out that they don't need to impress them. They love you for who you are and at the end of the day, that's what we all are striving for she said.

Further more in her social media handles she confronted her fans and had this to say, " even if you tried you can not make everyone happy, so why not focus on making yourself happy?" If you are a people's pleaser, extend this to those who you truly care about and forget about the random people who are going to hate on you anyways.

In her heavy message she opined that no matter what you dou do and where you go, you will find out that there are ever graver problems than yours going on in the world. Eventually you will understand how truly easy it is not to give a damn about what people think about because honestly no one gives a damn that you give a damn. For sure this is true, problems differ just as the human race differs. After her long but meaningful concerned advice she ended it with her signature statement



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Angela Nwosu


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