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Magnus Abe Would've Been Governor Had He Listened To Me Laments Princewill Dike

I have several times harped what I want to repeat here such that it may sound like a broken record.

I hosted some youthful political think tanks. We brain stormed on a wide range of political issues,including on the behavioral policies of some political dramatis personae of Rivers State.

 I asserted in no less a fervour that had Sen Magnus Abe pitched in another political party,whilst allowing his band of Ibrahim Umar & 22 Ors to continue the legal rigmarole,by now he possibly could have been in the saddle of our power cathedral, i explained.

It is good to have the gift of discernment,to know what to do per time. First Chronicles 12:32 tells us so,to wit:

"From the tribe of Issachar,there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take".

There was a time when the atmosphere was charged for Abe,almost everybody wanted him,even Amaechi's faithfuls. Wike's camp too would've emptied for the cerebral Senator because his political folks were dissatisfied with his apparent one-man-show style of administration.

Abe missed it because he couldn't do his political calculus well. Or perhaps,had no adrenaline to jilt the APC for another political party. Fear of the unknown?

Now,will he get such land shaking popularity in 2023?I doubt!

How I missed my ambition...

I had indicated interest for House of Representatives under the political fulcrum of the APC. But I saw from the beginning how Rivers APC would end,the woe that eventually befell her. It was discernable. On several occasions had I lamented it to our leaders,the right course of action to have taken. You see,Lord Chesterfield nailed it when he averred that:

"Advice is seldom welcome and those who need it the most like it the least".

Alas!blind loyalty made some of us plunge into a war which deadly outcome was predictable, ab initio.

In the circumstance I would've gone to actualise my ambition in any of the plethora political parties. I would've beaten Boniface Emerengwa of the PDP hands down. But sadly,I was hampered by the requisite wherewithal to have kickstarted. You know politics is plutocratic. If not,by now yours truly should have been a member of the Green Chamber. I am bemoaning the inability to pick a form in any of the political parties!

What to expect before 2023.There will be a new emergent political party that will most likely be a splinter of the PDP and APC.

Watch out! These are some of what I told visiting friends!

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