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Opinion: President Muhammadu Buhari should lift ban on food importation, to reduce hunger

President Muhammadu Buhari

Photo Credit: Punch Newspaper

For some months now, some Nigerians have not been able to feed themselves as much as they ought to, due to the fact that prices of foods, both agricultural products and other products have gone higher than it used to be and due to this, some people do not have the money to buy foods for themselves comfortably, and are left with hunger.

According to a report that was made two days ago, it was made known that the Nigeria's agricultural output increased by N76billion despite the challenges Farmers are facing in the country and since the output of farmers increased with such huge amount compared to previous months or years, agricultural products should be cheaper, since output already increased but unfortunately, it is more expensive.

Photo Credit: Punch Newspaper

However, taking a look at this, there are some factors responsible for it, which are, flood, banditry and ban on importation of food but, among these factors, the major factor affecting it the most is the ban on importation of foods, which have given local farmers and producers the autonomy to increase the prices of their products as much as they want to.

If the federal government wants the prices of food products to be cheaper like they were before, there should be room for international competition because, without competition, local producers will continue to increase the prices of their products, as they already know that they have the monopoly because, Nigerians won't be left with any other choice than to buy from them.

Food importation should be allowed till the time Nigeria will be sufficient in food production, as this is one the major things that can reduce food prices and hunger in the country but without considering this, there is tendency that food prices will continue to soar higher, and rate at which people won't be able to buy foods for themselves will as well increase.

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