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Politics Aside, See The 'Strong' Man We Can Rely On To End Terrorism If Elected President

With major emphasis on Insurgency as part of Nigeria's problem, a good number of citizens may be looking at a change in the people at the helm of affairs. The situation has now reached the extent whereby we seriously need to look beyond politics and sentiments and deal with the matter at hand once and for all. This will imply that their voting mentality will have to change too as well. Sometimes, the people are to blame for the kind of Leaders that are in power because it as a result of their action that such people are there.

The past few years have taught us a strong lesson and we can't afford to make such mistakes again. The current problems the nation is going through now is a result of leadership and we must tackle it from that point. While we appreciate the efforts of both the present and previous administrations in dealing with the insecurity challenge, there is still need to canvass for a far more stronger and offensive measure to effectively combat the issue. As a matter of fact, we need to go back to the drawing board and review the security architecture once more.

The sensitivity of security goes beyond politics or sentiments; this goes to say that any elected president must not just be a political personality but a tough commander in chief of the armed forces who will lead the battle from the front line.

Even as we move towards the change of leadership in 2023, let's look beyond political games and choose a "fighter" as our leader. Having gone through the track records and profile of some likely presidential candidates, am still yet to see someone whom I can be convinced on his ability to tackle this menace of terrorism that has plague the nation for a while now. Of we can get it right from the top then every other thing may follow. Remember the president leader of the nation was brought to office on the basis on tackling corruption and insecurity but we are yet to see the delivery of the promise.

Among the various political heavyweights that we have, there are just very few who can boldly deal with the problem of terrorism. It requires assertiveness, force confrontation and zero tolerance to inadequacy to wipe of every element of crime in this nation. I can categorically say that from all indications just one man can handle this and the good people of this nation can do well by bringing such a person to the office.

David Bonaventure mark is the man who can solely do the job. Enough of governments that takes it likely with criminal elements, it time we take drastic actions to decimate every criminal group. So who is David Mark and why is the the only man that can do the job? Before then, remember he was clamoured for to take over as the president of The then vice president yields to pressure to throws in his towel. The calls were made because he was believed to be a stronger political personality than Jonathan.

Born in Otukpo, Benue State, Mark completed his secondary education and proceeded to the Nigerian Defence Academy where he got his military training. He was among the military officers that ruled Nigeria in the 90's. David was a general in the army and he held a few positions during the days of the military government. As an administrator in Niger state and communications minister, the army general has enough experience in leadership to stir the affairs of the nation as he doesn't take it likely with any criminal offence.

The inception of democracy in 1999 did not stop Gen (retired) mark from his involvement in politics. Even as a military governor and minister, his colleagues could testify that he was very tough and assertive. He joined the Nigerian senate and influenced his way to the top as the president of the red chambers. David mark was one one the most competent senate presidents in Nigeria with the ability to control the house and effectively manage disputes. There was absolute stability of the legislative body during the senator's tenure.

At a time when the nation was facing threat to peace, distinguished senator David was at the forefront of advocating for intense measures to flush out any terrorist group. He was among those that pressured the executive then under the leadership of Good luck Jonathan to declare state of emergency in the north east in order to effectively repel the activities of insurgents. On several occasions, the former governor has been emphatic on advocating stiffer measures for criminals. Most importantly, Senator David is able to identify the associates and partners of this terrorist groups.

His tenure ad the president pass many bills onto law and he effectively coordinate activities such that there was no threat of impeachment or chaos whatsoever. Even when the nation was filled with anxiety by the absence of the then president Musa Yar'adua mark led legislature invoked the doctrine of necessity that conferred on the then vice president Good luck Jonathan to take over as the number citizen. There was absolute efficiency of the upper chamber during his regime.

Still a member of PDP, the ex senator contested for the last presidential election in 2019 although, no tangible outcome WS achieved. However the retired soldier who has a strong military background should still be pressured on to join the 2023 presidential battle. He does not play politics with security and is very apprehensive particularly when dealing with hostile elements. For now, Mark's leadership will to a large extent reduce insurgency, banditry and kidnapping to its barest minimum. We need him at a time like this!

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