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Give us Zana or expect Edo replay - C'River North APC members threaten

Members of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Cross River North have vowed that except the party acts swiftly by handing the Senate bye-election ticket to Prof. Zana Akpagu, winner of the APC primaries, revolution during the main election would be the only option.

The members, under the aegis of Concerned Cross River North APC members said that "enough is enough, we will not continue to allow a few Abuja based politicians without true electoral value who are only out to pursue their selfish interests continue to undermine us or blow our chances of winning elections for.

We're not rejecting Joe Agi, SAN because we hate him but because he didn't win the primaries. He's not popular, he's not on ground and a very difficult person to sell in an election. The party should ask those foisting him on the people to show results from their polling units in the last election. 

We're the people who would still work for the party in the election yet they don't want to allow a candidate we overwhelmingly voted for in the primaries because he stands a better chance of winning elections contest because of their personal selfish reasons".

Convener, Ogbiji Nyaim, an APC Chieftain in the state said that the group consist of stakeholders drawn from the five local government of Cross River North.

He decried that they all feel insulted, humiliated and embarrassed that majority of them traveled far and wide for the September 3rd primaries only to have the results changed in Abuja for someone whose name is not even on his ward register.

"They have called us for reconciliation and our message is very simple, We accept reconciliation, let them also accept Zana as winner that he rightly deserve and receive forgiveness then we can reconcile".

Announcing the slogan "in Gomara we stand, Zana for CRN APC or #Edostate# dose", Mr. Nyaim explain that, the party was taking a huge risk by handing a man who has no evidence of emerging candidate in any primary as candidate.

"APC has suffered this same fate in Zamfara where the party's victory was handed the PDP because the leadership of the party fielded candidates who were not legally nominated by the party. 

We have asked them these questions time without number of whether there was a parallel APC primaries somewhere that some of us don't know and they said no, so how come the name the party forwarded to INEC is different from the name of the man that won the primaries in Gomara Hotel, Ogoja, where results were collated? 

"We have reports from INEC right from Chapter to the state and the results they attached shows clearly that Prof. Akpagu is APC candidate for the election? Where did they bring their results from? The Ogoja Area Commander was present during the collation. Police, DSS and observers who came from Abuja have submitted their reports and attached results that Prof. Akpagu is the candidate. 

So, why is the party taking this huge risk by submitting different name? Are some people helping the opposition like in Zamfara state? Should we continue to suffer in Cross River for nothing while some people in Abuja who are only interested in federal appointments throw our chances of winning elections to the abyss for their selfish reasons?, he said

He went further to say that "the only election APC has won in Cross River is the Abi/Yakur federal constituency which was largely because of the popularity and acceptability of the candidate, Chief Alex Egbonna across party lines. Zana has that kind of advantage because he has touched every local government in the north and the entire state.

The person they're trying to impose, what's his record? What would he campaign with against a desperate PDP with six Commissioners, 56 Counselors, 5 house of assembly members, 5 LG Chairmen, a Governor and numerous appointees? For APC to stand a chance in the election, they need a candidate that's on ground and popular.

If APC has not learned any lesson at all, the embarrassing performance in Edo should serve as a lesson because there's so much similarities. The APC candidate in Edo was foisted on the people by Abuja politicians with strong influence from an external source and in Cross River, it's the same. The Abuja people and a strong man from Bayelsa are responsible for what is happening.

 If the party don't act, then there should wait for 'CrossRiverNoBeBayelsa' campaign very soon and this would be spearheaded by APC members just like in Edo".

Recall that the APC in Cross River have been in crisis since the Senate and house of assembly primaries election. Prof. Zana Akpagu, outgoing VC of Unical was announce winner at the collation centre but the name of Joe Agi, SAN who has the support of a few stakeholders in Abuja and came second in the party was forwarded to INEC as candidate in the election.

He is also said to have the strong support of Timipre Sylver, the Minister of State for Petroleum who allegedly have personal issues with Prof. Akpagu.

Agi whose membership of APC has continued to generate debate has been accused of being hired by the PDP to destabilize the APC to give PDP a smooth ride in the election.

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