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Meet The Nephew Of Idi Amin Who Was Regarded As The Killing Machine Of Uganda

We have had several dictators as leaders in Africa in the past. Men who cared only about their own benefits and would go to whatever length to see it achieved. They do not care who has to go down, or how many lives have to be wasted, as long as their dream is actually. Good students of history will know that Idi Amin was one of the most dreaded leaders to rule over an African nation.

Idi Amin, was a one time African leader, who was dreaded by his people and neighboring countries. The Ugandan warlord committed several attrocities during his time. His notoriety will be remembered in the book of history. Idi Amin did not commit all of these atrocities alone, as we already know, one tree can not make a forest, he had his loyal men. Amongst his loyal men was Isaac Maliyamungu, he was Idi Amin’s nephew. He was popularly referred to as Idi Amin’s killing machine, he gained Idi Amin’s trust after he helped him take power from Milton Obote.

Idi Amin

Idi Amin came into power through a very bloody coup, and Isaac was instrumental in the success of the coup. Ever since that day, he to Isaac to be his right hand man and they committed most of their crime against humanity together. Idi Amin was said to be a man who doesn’t trust easily, but he trusted Isaac. Isaac was born in Zaire as a Christian.

Isaac Maliyamungu

Surely there’s an end to everything, after Idi Amin’s government, Isaac fled the country. He finally met his death in Sudan, where he died of food poisoning. He died in 1984. Do you remember when Idi Amin died?

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