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OPINION: Do The Igbos Want Fairness Or Special Treatment?

Following the agitations and growing groups that are emerging from the southeast, there is a need to critically think and try to understand what the Igbos want. Do they want fairness or special treatment? Although I am vehemently against any form of separation or secessionist, I do not think the Igbos need any form of special treatment. Speaking of fairness, I think they are been fairly treated by the Buhari-led administration. The president has always treated the Igbos as part of Nigeria and not otherwise. Some of the southeastern believe that for "peace and fairness", the next president of the country must come from the region and it makes them look like they are fishing for special treatment.

Where ever the next President of Nigeria comes from does not matter and I believe that no section or region should be given special treatments or favor in the next presidential election. Fairness is being impartial and treating everyone without discrimination or favoritism. The president has been nothing but fair to all regions in the country and he has upheld the constitution of the country by prescribing the IPOB group because of their violence and illegal activities in the region and not because he just wished to.

If the southeast region feels neglected (which is wholly untrue) they can mobilize themselves and legally contest for President in the next election but they cannot ask that the presidency be handed to them on a platter under the guise of obtaining justice and fairness. The Nigeria Constitution does not provide for any form of rotational presidency. The spot is only open to the best person amongst all regions in a free and fair election. I am equally of the view that no special treatment should be given to the southeast region rather, they should unite and present the best who is emotionally mature to lead Nigeria. 

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