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Why Many Regular/Powerful Politicians May Lose Parties' Candidacy In The 2023 General Elections

The incoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria may not follow the usual pattern where certain politicians, such as Senators, House of Representative members, and members of State Houses of Assemblies are sure of securing their various parties' tickets.

Below is the reason why I think the means of securing party candidacy may change drastically among politicians in the elections.

If President Muhammadu Buhari signs the amended electoral bill passed by the National Assemblies: one of the things that will change our approach to elections if the amended electoral bill is signed into law is the means of conducting party primary elections in the country.

In the new electoral bill passed by the National Assemblies, Direct Primary Election has been made compulsory for all political parties in Nigeria.

Under this type of primary election, it is all the members of political parties that are expected to vote for candidates of their choice during primary elections. This will make it very hard for powerful politicians to influence their votes.

Note that before now, most political parties in the country make use of Indirect Primary Elections which is the sharp opposite of the one mentioned above to elect their candidates ahead of major elections. This is a situation where few party members known as delegates are appointed by parties to represent their entire members during primary elections.

Since the delegates are usually few in numbers, powerful aspirants can influence them into their camps. This is believed as one of the major reasons why some powerful politicians, especially lawmakers and serving governors are spending many years in the offices irrespective of their performances in the previous tenure.

The above point is why I am arguing that if the bill is signed by President Buhari, and Direct Primary Elections finally come to stay in our politics, the regular or powerful politicians may not be sure of returning to their political offices in the next general election since they may not be able to influence the entire members of their parties, as against the few persons under Indirect Primary Elections.

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