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See 18+ Photos of War Scenes that will make Biafrans Accept the Ideology of One Nigeria.

It is no new news that the Igbos in Nigeria seeks for secession to form an Independent country named Biafra. This ideology of theirs throughout the 70's resulted to the first warfare in Nigeria. 

I continuously cry whenever I bear in mind that several people lost their lives within the battle, several were displaced whereas homes and properties were destroyed. To me it was an act of false illusion from the igbos.  

Mind you that to hunt for independence in an unlawful way is a crime and in as such should be done with diplomacy. Late commissioned military officer Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu created a press release on weekday eight November 1993, once he was interviewed by African Guardian magazine voice communication, he said; "The first thing they have to do is to understand that Nigeria has problems. And that Nigeria's problems need solutions. And the solution essentially comes from dialogue, not from violence." This alone shows that violence is never a reasonable act. 

The current government administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari has really put much efforts to create a peaceful and coexistence in our society. He had put much effort to curb the rise of corruption in our country. Since the beginning of his leadership almost all corrupt or fraudulent act was brought to order, no matter your class, age or status in the country. With these I see no course for alarm from the Igbos who always feels they are marginalized. 

Sometimes I wonder, do you think going to war will bring Justice if you think you need fair play? After viewing so much war scenes I think we Nigerians should be one. 

See more photos of war scene that will make you accept one beautiful and peaceful Nigeria. 

All we need is one Nigeria

With all these I think that every right thinking youth or Nigerian will realize the need for Peace and one united Nation, no matter your tribe, language or culture we are one. 

What is your take on this? 

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