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Meet Buhari's First Wife, And Read The Reason Why Buhari Divorced Her

Mr Muhammadu Buhari's First Wife, And The Reason Why He Divorced Her.

Welcome, please before we tell you the reason why Buhari divorced his first wife, let us first tell you the story of how they met each other.

Current Nigeria president, Mr Muhammadu Buhari, who was born on 17th of December, 1942, he is currently 77 years ago, and married to Aisha Halilu. Before Buhari married Aisha Halilu 1989, he first married to Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf, on 1971.

How Muhammadu Buhari Met Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf.

Safinatu Yusuf was born on December, 1952, she is a native of Kastina State. She graduated from Teacher Training College in Kastina in 1971. And she married Buhari in that same 1971.

As a young military man, Buhari met Safinatu, when he accompanied his late friend Shehu Musa Yaradua, to Safinatu father's house. And in reaching Safinatu father's house, whose name is, Yusufu Mani, Buhari started getting attracted to the young Safinatu, and because of that, Buhari started paying countless visit to Safinatu's house. Ever since then, there has been a constant change between Muhammadu Buhari, and Safinatu.

Buhari met, and loved Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf at the age of about 14 in 1966, and as at 1971 (4 years later ), she was about 19 years old, and Buhari Married her. The funny thing about Buhari's relationship with Safinatu, was that shortly after they met, the Nigerian civil war started, and as we all know, the civil war started in 1967, while they met in 1966. And as a military man, Buhari was supposed to be in the battlefield. Later after the war, Safinatu revealed that she was praying for Buhari during the war.

And the war last for 30 months, and that is 3 years. The war ended in 1970, and with the war over, Buhari and Safinatu met again, and they got married, in 1971 ( she was 18+ when they got married ).

Their wedding was on that same 1971, and Buhari started his own family with Safinatu together. Safinatu was the first lady of Nigeria, when Buhari was the head of state between 1983 to 1985, she was living in the state house, with his husband Buhari.

Safinatu gave birth to give children, namely Fatima, Safinatu, Musa, Zulaihat, and Hadiza. Musa died at infancy, while Zulaihat died of a sickle cell, after giving birth in 2012.

Why Buhari Divorced Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf.

As at 1985, everything started changing in Buhari's family. It all started when Ibrahim Babangida led soldiers to overthrow Buhari's government, in 1985 on the 27th of August, thereby bring an end, to president Buhari's tenure, as the head of State. It was reported that, Ibrahim Babangida locked up Buhari, and keep him in what is known as under house arrest, for three good years. And the house arrest took away the right from Buhari's family members, to visit him, his children cannot see their father.

After Ibrahim Babangida overthrow Buhari in 1985, and arrested him for three years, Buhari was released in 1988, and the first thing he did, was to DIVORCE Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf.

People were surprised based, on the type of decision he made, and reason why he made that type of decision.

The reason why Buhari Divorced Safinatu, according to a report by Naija News.

And as the story is being told, People believe that while Buhari was still under the house arrest, given to him by Ibrahim Babangida, that his wife Safinatu, has been dealing with Ibrahim Babangida partly, to help her cope, with life. And it was also reported that Ibrahim wanted to use through Buhari's wife, Safinatu Hajiya to reconcile with Buhari. And, it was on an attempt to use her to achieve this, that got Buhari angry, and Buhari also warned her not to take offers from Ibrahim Babangida. But Safinatu Hajiya, said that she only did that, so as to know whether she will be privilege, to set his husband free. But Buhari did not listen to her reasons, and he went straight ahead to divorce her, in 1988.

In summary, Buhari divorce his wife, after he learnt that his wife, Safinatu received financial assistance from the current Head of State, Who was the man that overthrown Buhari, Ibrahim Babanginda, while he was still under a house arrest.

And a year after Buhari divorced Safinatu, he married Aisha Halilu, his present Wife in 1989, who was 18 years old, then.

Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf is late now.

Safinatu died on the 14th of January, 2006. She died of diabetes.

Muhammadu Buhari, And Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf marriage lasted for 17 years, And They were blessed with 5 children, 4 girls, and one boy.

See lovely photos of president Muhammadu Buhari, And His Wife Safinatu Hajiya.

See other photos.

What can you say about this lovely family, and May Safinatu Hajiya Yusuf soul rest in peace, Amen.

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