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Opinion: Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State should resign for peace to reign.

It's no longer giving joy again seeing our fellow human being been slaughtered like a Cow. The blood of the innocent people are crying for help and there's no one to help them. The people that we voted to power have disappointed us alot. People are in the state of fear. What is happening in Imo state is drawing a lot of concern from people.

Governor Hope Uzodimma cannot finish this race alone. He really need back up but it seemed to be that Imo people is against him. Question here is ; does it mean that he is not the people's choice, are they not the one that voted him? Did he not have any power to lead his people to fight their common enemy again? Why did Imo People lost their trust in him? Did he betrayed them?

He has been the target all these while. His family house had got burnt by so called "unknown men" alot of government properties like police stations, legal houses were burnt. And it seemed as if his is not showing any concerns to all these. What else did he want as a governor if he can't show remorse and seek for redirection in a situation like this?

Governor Hope should find a way to return peace to his state if his people's safety is still his priority. It shows incompetent when uncontrollable crisis arise in a state while there's sitting governor. Does it mean that he is not listening to people's opinions? Why would he allowed this situation to escalate like this. Destruction of properties, high rate of killings, rubbing, bribery while there is securities in the state are raising a big eyebrow. This is the time to do amendment.

If his people are no longer have any regards to him, he should call for order. Explain certain things they need to know. Quality and transparency governance really matters a lot. He should liase with his people and other top decision-makers in his state to seek for the way out. Let him tell his people what they supposed to know for them to help him. 

So if I were him and still love my state and my people, in a situation like this, I will resign for peace to reign.No one is perfect but this one has gone out of control. If there is anything that did not belong to him he forcefully hijacked, let him release it. 

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