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The importance of electronic voting in Nigeria

The term “voting” is not new to the Nigerian matrix of election. Elections have been ongoing since colonial rule in the country. Our democracy now bears a date that is recognized in history. It was the day a great man won the freest and fairest election ever in the country. That was on June 12, 1993 and his name was Abiola.

We cannot go back to those days again. Times have changed because elections are now being messed up. They are no longer made to preach what they possess. Desperate men have turned their sides. We now have elections were most votes would not count. The voters are afraid of casting a vote because they know that it would not count. It would either be rigged or abandoned.

Electronic voting is not a new term in Nigeria. We seem to know about it but do not want to practice it. The system would save our time, money and enable us to vote at convenient locations. Election costs would be cut short and the remaining resources could be channeled to other matters.

I want to make use of myself as an example. I have got to the age of voting, but I am not proud of it. I surely know that my vote would not count with the wretched system that is on ground. So I am not in a haste to procure my “Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC)”. The Government might somehow force me to do it, but would it be on my own interest? Why don’t they just let me vote in peace?

This system might not end corruption in an obvious way. I haven’t seen in any land where voting was used to clip something bad, but I believe it would calm our nerves down. We would then have confidence in our democratic system. It wouldn’t be seen as worthless or whatever. The Government has to look into this issue. This is a problem as far as the growing citizens are concerned. We have foreseen the positive outcome of this change and that is why we are advocating for a better Nigeria. A better Nigeria is not just going to come like that; we must work the way out. 

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