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In Sane World, Sheikh Gumi Should Have Been Behind Bars - National Union Of Journalists Replies

The Nigeria Union of Journalists has denounced in the strongest of terms the comments made by Sheik Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi on Arise TV on Wednesday, February 24, where he named Journalists as criminals for calling bandits criminals

The Sheik during his meeting with Arise TV said 


''You are stressing on criminals I don't have the foggiest idea. Indeed, even the Press (writers) are criminals too on the grounds that they are oil into fire [sic]. These individuals are listening to you, don't address them as criminals. It is enlightening to take note of that one of the 

 Gangs that was recently interviewed by Nigerian journalist, Abdulaziz and publisher in Daily Trust of today where the bandits leader demanded being presented appropriately as "Kachalla Halilu Sububu Seno, Leader, everything being equal. He is the Leader." Yet Malam Gumi demands they are not criminals 

In a proclamation delivered by its leader Chris Isiguzo, the NUJ said Sheik Gumi's remark makes it more clear that he is seeking after an alternate agenda.. The body said in saner climes, the cleric who has chosen to embark on ''odd tasks'' ought to have been behind bars at this point over his new expressions about criminals

The assertion partially peruses; 


''This superfluous and unwarranted assault on individuals from the media by a heretofore regarded minister who chose to set out on weird tasks, is inadmissible and it is turning out to be more clear since he is seeking after an alternate agenda. We similarly review a new assertion credited to Sheik Gumi where he was inciting criminals, by encouraing Religion biases among officers on the front line. 

We are more stunned that a similar Sheik Gumi who has utilized the media to address leaders and to propel the course of his central goal to the criminals across the Northwest, is simultaneously assaulting the Journalists for basically depicting bandits as criminals. 

Sheik Gumi's Attempt to seek for amnesty for executioners and abductors of blameless residents, particularly younger students is generally awful. 

We welcome Sheik Gumi to disclose to Nigerians why in spite of his new dealings with scoundrels in Zamfara State, the hoodlums have kept debilitating, executing, attacking and hijacking blameless residents, including the 300 female Students just kidnapped in a similar State. 

In saner climes, Sheik Gumi, a non-state entertainer associated with arrangements with criminal components, ought to have been in the slammer, however oh dear, because of the shortcomings of our Leaders, he proceeds with his foolish remarks and attacks into crook an area unabated. 

By offending the Press as "Hoodlums" Sheik Gumi has uncovered himself the more as a prejudiced individual who won't need his exercises firmly examined by the media. It is educational to remind Sheik Gumi that by leaving on such a task and deciding to represent the desperados, the Press will keep on investigating his exercises and furthermore consider him responsible for his activities as cherished in the Constitution. 

His response was absolutely inadmissible, despicable and indefensible and we request a withdrawal of his untoward, disturbing and abnormal expressions which discredit straightforward respectability and politeness. We in this way alert him to recall that "riding the tiger may be a thrilling encounter however the outcome will undoubtedly be undesirable." He should hence be guided.

We similarly welcome the worldwide local area to record the expressions and activities of Sheik Gumi and to consider him answerable for any bandits related related mishap that may happen to Journalists around the country.''

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