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The New Political Party Formed By Prof. Jega, Utomi & Others; An Old Wine In A New Jar

In preparation for the 2023 general election, a new political party, RNP, has been formed by some technocrats and politicians in Nigeria, which is supposed to provide an alternative strong party to compete with the APC and PDP. The RNP was founded by the likes of former INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, former governor of Kwara state, Ahmed Abdulfatai, former Governor of Cross River state, Donald Duke, Prof. Pat Utomi, and Senator Lee Maeba, among others.

This new party seems to be a combination of high-profiled people around Nigeria that can serve as an alternative party and wrestle power with both the APC and PDP, but on closer look, the party is just an old group of politicians from the caucus or generation of either the APC or PDP, who only regrouped themselves and formed another party.

This party may not show any difference from the APC and PDP because many of the founders are just aggrieved members of the older parties who are unable to secure a new seat for themselves or get political appointments. This is like pouring old wine into a new jar; the wine is still the same; what seems to be changed is the container.

The Nigerian political terrain is somewhat confusing, especially when considering how politicians easily swap their political parties or form new parties mostly for their personal benefits. Many of them do not have the ideology that makes them stay in a party for a long time. They swap at will when they discover that their current parties have not given them enough or there are not more benefits to be derived from the party.

Ahmed Abdulfatai, former governor of Kwara State, Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, Pat Utomi, and a host of other founders of the RNP were once members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Each party has their own ideology which a politician must know before joining them, but in Nigeria today, a conservative politician will drop his conservative ideology and become progressive and vice versa. This is a reflection that many of them are only looking for where their bread can be buttered.

Do you think the RNP will be different from both the APC and the PDP? It is no coincidence that many of the founders are from the existing parties, with the same idea of ruling their communities and territories.

What are your thoughts on this new party?Can they be different?

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