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Opinion: Reasons Why The ESN Needs To Be Crushed Completely By The Army Before The End Of The Year

The ESN known as the Eastern Security Network is a security unit that was formed by the IPOB, and they are actively operating in the Eastern part of Nigeria. They have carried out several operations, and some have been against the Nigerian army. There have also been some recent attacks on Police stations in the East linked to the ESN.

The ESN was forbidden and has been tagged a terrorist group by the Nigerian army back in 2017. Some of their recent operations have proved that they are not making any positive impact in the country.

In my opinion, I feel the ESN needs to be crushed immediately by the Nigerian Army this year. One of this reasons is that the operation of these group has caused a lot of losses for the country. These losses include properties, and lives, and this is not adding any gain to the country.

They claim that they were created to find a solution to kidnapping and other security challenges facing the east. However, their recent actions have proved otherwise. Rather than securing people, they have put the lives of a lot of people in danger through their activities. Panicking and fear has been sent into the minds of people living in some of the areas where their activities are being carried out.

Also, the year 2021 is seen as a year a lot of Nigerians want to recover all they have lost following the COVID-19 outbreak, and ENDSARS protest in 2020. Hence, giving space for a group tagged terrorists to operate would only limit the goals set for the year 2021. This year has already being filled with some issues concerning security hence, having the ESN compound these problems is not going to be a very good idea.

If they are not stopped now, they may gain enough confidence and recruit lots of people which in turn may lead to more destruction.

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