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An Open Letter To All Yoruba People Resident In The Northern Part Of Nigeria.

Dear Yoruba brethren,

I write this letter to you, to express my thoughts to you on the best ways to live with your hosts, in the Northern part of Nigeria.

I want to start by stating that many Northerners are peace-loving people, however, some of them are aggrieved by the treatment meted to them in some parts of Yoruba land and may be seeking to take revenge. Hence, you need to be careful not have any altercation with your hosts.

I understand that some of you have invested so much in the North, however, I urge you to be mentally prepared to leave the North, in the event of crisis

Even more, please make it a point of duty to avoid all forms of religious arguments. Instead, practice religious tolerance.

In finality, I urge you to make friends from amongst your hosts and win their trust through acts of kindness.

Dear Nigerians, what is your take on this delicate issue of national concern?

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