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COVID-19: A Pandemic That Exposed Our Political Leaders

Again, the nation is in stoic silence. The two classes (the rich and the poor) are somewhat united once again not by the circumstance of seasonal election, but by the forceful imposition of global pandemic.

To think we once boasted as the giant of Africa gives me a sense of moral responsibility to apologize to the rest of the African brethren but no, I'm not competent to tender such an apology.

If our leaders come up with the argument that we deservedly worth the title, I may as well bulge under one circumstance ~The ECOMOG breakthrough wherein the Nigerian military successfully won the fight which Nigerian state reasonably funded. At least, that belongs to the past but history is argued to be an indispensable instrumentation of any nation especially as she bargains.

That apart, to think we had been this empty before Cobid-19 struck sends the shivers to spine:

 The giant of Africa had national food bank!l nor resavoir.

The giant of Africa had less than 100 ventilators across the country.

The giant of Africa had all the money to throw up and down without thinking of savings!

The giant of Africa that never sat down to look at the global future with her mono economy and its consequences even as crude nosedives.

The giant of Africa that could not distribute her palliative gifts because she got no data about her citizens.

Who do us?

Buhari will run from Nigeria to outside world reading speeches. Osinbajo would be sharing tradamoni up and down not forgetting burials to attend.

Boss Mustapha is there occupying space with little or no significance to the nation.

APC as a ruling party from one crisis to the other.

Opposition parties issuing presses from morning to night.

It has become obvious that we elected leaders who are miles apart from the global reality. This is because the way they approach issues especially under this pandemic shows we have got sleeping fibres as our political leaders.

To enforce ordinary lockdown is a rocket science here. Australia as at yesterday recorded no new cases of Covid-19 due to lockdown. Our curve has continued to rise instead of slowing down and we know why.

The why simply put is because the politicians are corrupt, the institutions like police joined them by collecting 1k to 2k bribe from commuter operators thereby defeating the aim of lockdown.

Is it hard to sack an IG who could not tighten up his end seeing the implementation of the lockdown largely lies in his office?

Is it hard to deal with custom officials who have reneged their duties thereby allowing non essential service providers to use our borders that shouldn't be open due to lockdown order?

Honestly, we have seen a Nigeria that behaves like a small family constituting nuisance in the streets. We have seen a Nigeria that her leaders can compromise standard even during pandemic in order to show the class demarcation. Abba Kyari' burial was an eloquent testimony.

Indeed, until we discover the near hollowness of our political leaders and the ugly impact of their leadership in terms of the way citizens conduct themselves, you will agree with me that actually we never had leaders but consumers deceiving us with their cloak of leadership.

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