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Some Strange Things You Did Not Know about North Korea

Some Strange Things You Did Not Know about North Korea 

For farming, North Korea uses faeces instead of fertilisers because of the lack of resources. They have zero amount of chemical fertilisers. Their government ordered every person to produce hundreds of kilogrammes of faeces.

North Korea uses their own calendar which is called “Juche Calendar”. It's the year 109 there and not 2020. It was introduced in 1997 and is based on Kim Il-sung’s date of birth: 15 April 1912.

People are being told that Kim Jong-il the former leader of North Korea, was born under a double rainbow and his birth caused a new star to appear in the sky; he learned to walk and talk before 6 months and has the ability to control the weather by his moods, according to the official government-released biography of his life. School children are taught fantastic and obviously untrue things about their leaders to keep them in awe and fear of the Regime. 

North Korea’s most popular attraction is Kim Jong-il’s preserved body. Kim lies in state a few floors below his father, national founder Kim Il Sung, in the Kumsusan mausoleum, the former presidential palace. Kim Jong-Il died Dec. 17, 2011 from a heart attack while traveling on his train. His body was first unveiled to select visitors, including some journalists, on Dec. 17, 2012, the anniversary of his death. 

North Korea's government still operates under the rules of a dead former leader. He assumed the office of the Eternal Presidency on July 8, 1994, and continue to hold on to power.

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