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Afghanistan: the differences between fmr president Trump and Biden

There is currently a great insurgency in Afghanistan and this was because president Biden decided to withdraw the US troops out of Afghanistan. In this article, we would be taking a look at a notable difference which can be identified in Trump and Joe Biden.

1) When Trump was in power, he feared no one, he came out and gave speech to his enemies and even dined with them with confidence, he created new resolutions to calm the enemies of the United States but Joe Biden on the other hand did not calm the enemies of the United States, instead, he made them angry and they have regenerated.

2) Trump was able to strike a peace deal with the Taliban when he became president of US but when Joe Biden became president of America, he wasn't able to make any deal with the Taliban instead, he withdrew his troops and now the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan.

3) Trump made sure the American troops stayed in Afghanistan to avoid the Taliban's victory against the innocent people but when Biden came into power, he withdrew America's troops in the name of America was waisting resources on people who weren't willing to cooperate and now because of his decision, America has lost lives of it's soldiers.

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