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Why Angela Merkel has taken a relatively soft stance towards China

Mrs Merkel is a highly intelligent woman, interested in the well-being of her country. Therefore she recognizes that relationships with other countries are very important, especially big countries like China. It's much better to have friendly relations with everyone as long as they do not conflict with German (and EU) interests. She also does not need to employ rabid populism to fool her own people into following rancid right-wing agendas. Also, she knows there's no need to throw out Huawei and spend billions to reconfigure her country's communications networks just to please the idiot in the American White House. That's because she's capable of developing and maintaining an independent view of global events. As for her legacy, it will probably be very much kinder to her than the legacies of Trump and the brown-nosers who need him. These people don't know that they will be discarded like used toilet paper into the scrapheap of history. For certain, Mrs Merkel will never suffer this gate.

When the world was crying about the “refugee crisis” and people were calling for more strict rules for granting political asylum, she basically said:

Fuck you, guys. Our right on political asylum is part of our acceptance that every natural person has unalienable rights. We are not going to infringe on those rights just because it gets uncomfortable.

And as for the “soft stance on China”: She is a smart person and not gullible enough to buy into the “China caused the virus” nonsense. Aside from that, she is aware that there are more diplomatic means at her disposal than finger pointing, blame gaming and confrontation. As opposed to a certain head of state with all the diplomatic ability of a school yard bully and all the self-restraint of a 4 year old given unlimited funds at a Toys’R’Us.

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