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Issues And Analysis On Nigeria Treading News

A quick analysis to one of the Nigeria treading news today.

Issues On Niga Detal Development :

I think everything relating to the issue of Niga Detal right now is seriously stinky, stinky in the sense that, we have a lot of tool underground, deal that are going on, so it always sager upon sager from the NDDC.

I hope people will nor read meaning into this, because it is more of Niga Detal issues. This is bound to be mismanagement by government of today because the president is not from there or because of this kind of cart and mouth relationship that has been existing between them.

Issues On Corruption :

Of late, we have a lot of Commissioners, who have been alleged to have been stealing our money. And it has been arlaming. The rate is becoming too much.

For me I think we don't have a strong institution in Nigeria, we have a situation where by we have different government agencies playing almost similar role, no clearly defined template on who should do what, on who should be healed accountable when issues like this happend.

Is not just at the federal leave, even at the state level, we have similar things, it is were you will see too different political leaders appointee, fighting over a pot of postage of yam, this are all issues that any serious government must seriously get it's fact and figure right, from the word go.

As far as the commission been embreed in all manner of corruption practice, it put them to the point of lack of leadership.

What if i tell you that the administration of president Buari is not fighting against corruption?

Because corruption is not by cople of getting some guys arrested, paraded by the EFCC, that is not fighting corruption. The rules guiding the fight against corruption, what has this administration done to straighten it?

There are lot of lupus holes

During Obasanjo time, the time of yahoo yahoo was not a voke, now is becoming.

I think the federal government should let everyone sees themselves as a participant in the fight against corruption. But not the we just left it in the hands of EFCC who are the h alpha and omega.

I think the state government too should set up their own corruption fighting agency .

Is this not why Magu issue came on board?

Thank you for your reading time to my analysis. But remember you can't come this far without comment. Please comment below and follow me for more analysis

Thank you

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