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An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu On Why He Should Stop The Agitation For Biafra.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to show my utmost respect for you in as much as your urge for Biafra.

In my first paragraph, i stated that i have respect for you, not because of fear or favour, but because of your loyalty, sense of belonging, and patriotism you have showed to your people, the ‘Ndigbo’.

In recent years, you stated the reasons why you agitated for Biafra and you've not given up, that i will say you have your reasons. Sir, in as much as you've shown your displeasure in the style of democracy in the country and you want a Biafran republic disparately, you need to re-think about the harm and devastating effects which could come in the agenda to create it.

Dividing a country united by God is impossible that you know. Adding to that, not all Igbo's want Biafra in as much as the challenges citizens face in Nigeria, no one wants our beloved country to be divided.

If you can recall, decades ago a war broke out known as the Biafran war which we all know the huge amount of lives that were lost due to the bloody war. Many were rendered homeless and displaced, above all, the rate of hunger in Nigeria at that time was high.

On children don't want war and i hope you know that sir. I understand how you are ‘dissatisfied' with the Nigerian government but you need to make a good name for your people again so as to obtain prominent political positions.

Many people have tagged the southeast at a zone which the President may never be gotten from. I think you can change this narrative if you end the agitations for Biafra.

I think you should take a good reflection about Governor Hope Uzodinma's recent statement that the southeast don't want Biafra but to be treated with equity and justice.

I urge you to think about Uzodinma's statement and work towards changing the narrative of people's thoughts on the ‘Ndigbo’.

For me i think Igbo's love Nigeria in as much as other tribes love them due to unity and diversity in the country. From my experience, the southeast is a good place to live in just like the north, north-central and south-west.

We all know that Nigeria is indeed blessed with numerous resources in each regions of the country, and i think this is what makes Nigeria, Nigeria.

We should not let our present situation make us take decisions that we will end up regretting for the rest of our lives.

I hope you take this message seriously, and learn from my above points. Thank you sir, and we pray for a good and greater Nigeria.

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