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Why the North may retain power in 2023 despite Souths' demand for presidency

The build-up to the 2023 presidential election has been characterized by demands by Southern Nigeria political actors and groups, for the seat of the presidency to be zoned to the South.

Southern Governors [Photo credit: Guardian Nigeria]

These demands, however, have been met with stiff opposition and outright rejection from the Northern region political actors such as the Northern Elders Forum and Northern Governors Forum. According to them, the seat of the Nigerian presidency is democratic and its occupant can only be determined through an election.

Also, the Northern Governors Forum stated in their argument, that the North cannot be cowed or intimidated into accepting the South's demand for the presidency because they(Northerners) have the needed population advantage over the south to elect another northern presidency in 2023.

Northern Governors Forum [Photo credit: ThisDayLive]

In my opinion, the North's rejection of the demands by the south for the 2023 presidency cannot be ignored nor taken lightly. Their claim that they can elect another Northerner in 2023 cannot also be faulted, given the fact that they have shown through records that they have a huge voters turnout during elections, as compared to the south.

Aside from their numeric strength being an advantage, we have in this article, highlighted 2 reasons why the North may retain power in 2023:

1. Power of incumbency:

As we may know, the Power of incumbency in politics is the advantage a sitting officeholder has to determine the outcome of an election in his favor, and against his opponent.

Photo credit: BBC

Taking this into consideration, if President Muhammadu Buhari who is a northerner, decides to support a northern candidate in the 2023 presidential elections, his influence and power as the President of Nigeria will be of an advantage to such northern candidate. What's more? Very rarely have we seen a President's choice in an election, being defeated.

2. United front:

From the indications on the ground, the Northerners seem to have a more united front than their southern counterparts, going into 2023.

While the North is gunning for a Northern presidency, the south seems to have the Southeast region and the southwest region in the contest for the presidency.

Photo credit: Vanguard Newspaper

In my opinion, this dichotomy in the south, unless resolved, will mean that the southern region votes will be shared between a southeast candidate and a southwest candidate, leaving the Northern candidate with a huge number of concentrated votes.

What do you think about this? Feel free to share with us.

Photo credit: Sunnewsonline

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