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Miyetti Allah Sends Strong Warning To Southwest Region - See What They Said

However, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore National Secretary, Saleh, said no group could evict the herders, vowing to resist any eviction from the South-West.

Fulani herdsmen under the aegis of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore have vowed to resist any eviction from the South-West, citing their rights as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution to live wherever they desire.

Miyetti Allah also vowed to avenge the alleged attacks on and loss of herdsmen and their cattle, saying it would never tolerate any act of injustice on herders.

The National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Mr Alhassan Saleh, stated these in an interview with Sunday PUNCH against a backdrop of the eviction notices issued to criminal herdsmen by some South-West groups and personalities.

Saleh said it was wrong to drive herders out of any part of Nigeria and that even if there were criminals among them, it was the function of the government’s security forces to identify and arrest them.

He said the eviction of herdsmen from the southern region of the country was a dangerous precedent and that the best way to solve the herders-farmers crisis was for state governments to provide ranches and grazing routes for the herders and their animals.

He said, “Nobody has the right (to evict herdsmen). If you say you are going to evict us, we will resist eviction. We have been surviving in harsh environments; if we do not resist, we will be wiped out of the planet. If you kill a herder, don’t go and sleep, we will revisit you, and it’s not because we hate your tribe. People attack herders, and in one way or the other, herders have found a way to retaliate".

Mixed Reactions On Twitter

your akwa ibom girl#ENDSARS

No wahala wetin go force una out of the full south west, south south, south east e wear trainers cross leg dey sidon wait for una wen e reach time una go run una no go gree stop

[email protected]

Ema too teh.

[email protected]_04

Na who Dem never wan kill dey shout u must kill me today... Person wey face real death no dey wait for advice before using his legs

[email protected]

You will force yourselves

[email protected]

Those who want to force other tribe out of their region, should be ready to accept the same faith on their tribe kins men who resides in other region.

wasiu Wolf [email protected]

No problem

[email protected]

This people don't care about national security.. They say things that can incite violence without consequences.. Omo make federal government collect weapon, make we fight each other one on one.. Make soldiers sit down dey watch.

[email protected]

Make soldier join them self, previous Monday here at alakuko soldier were messed after a little boy around 21 years of age was shot by the soldier but didn’t penetrate . So they’ve to talk to him one on one with their common sense.

Augustine [email protected]

I agree with you, nobody can force out anyone from any part of the country but the killer herdsmen will be forced out.

Abubakar M. [email protected]_m_naseer_

Nigeria is one, so every Nigerian has the right to base anywhere in the country. Please let's have one Nigeria this thing is too much.

SparklesHijo de [email protected]

Nobody said u ppl shouldn't base anywhere in the country... You people should learn to base the way other ethnic groups base.

If you want to rear ur cattle.. Rent a land and live among the people of the community, not dwelling in there bushes and farms and occupying there place..

Dr. Gbolabo Onasanya #freeLeahsharib


[email protected]

If you be true national leader, please come and resettle in the west with your entire family don't come alone

Ike chu [email protected]

Civil War brewing and people are not concerned .hmmm

[email protected]

Nigeria is one and I repeat no body can force herdsmen pull out of south west , by continue striking on them, you're calling trouble to your security.

[email protected]

E no go better for u ,na why dem dy call una u people animal cuz u guys Dey think and talk like animal

[email protected]

You see this Kautal Hore spokesman when just dey talk anyhow, imagine saying they will revenge. Brother e go over anybody, violence everybody sabi am. Useless group

De [email protected]

These are coded messages to their crim

inal compatriot in the forest and all over the place

Oluwaseyi Kolawole [email protected]

You will be forced out by force Face with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyesWinking face with tongueWinking face with tongue

20-10-2020 ThE [email protected]

Lack of manner is killing this man and it's the reason y the violent haven't stopped since it started

Bisi [email protected]

It will shock u

TimDocThumbs [email protected]

They are buhari foot soldiers oooih

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