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The Reason Why Zamfara Governor Offers Cows To Bandits To Surrender Arms, Finally Revealed.

The increasing rise of insecurity in Nigeria, especially at the Northern part of the country, has been worrisome and indeed raises concerns from both leaders, civil society organizations and the general public alike, particularly on the possible way to curtail the incessant killings.

The killings seem like an omen that has defiled all government efforts in combating, especially in the remote communities across the Northern region, as they have for years been hit very hard by deadly raids from armed groups of motorcycle – riding cattle rustlers, kidnappers and bandits.

Military operations are seen to have failed to end the killings and local officials have rather in repeated attempts, tried negotiations as a way to broker peace.

The Zamfara state governor Bello Matawalle within the week, said that under the new initiative ‘’for every rifle submitted by a repentant bandit, there would be compensation of two cows’’.

In revealing the core reason for his government action, Governor Matawalle said the offer of livestock was meant to convince the gangs, known as ‘’bandits’’, to disarm without cash payments which could be used to buy more arms.

While the government’s move is appreciated to remain a subtle approach to secure the life of her citizens, there is no indication if the plan would be enough to convince these bandits of forsaking their lucrative cattle rustling, banditry and kidnapping rackets.

The continuous unrest particularly in the northwestern part of Nigeria, which experts has said to be spurred following overpopulation and climate change, has seen an estimated 8,000 people killed and 200,000 flee their homes since 2011.

Though the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has continually pledged fresh and repeated push to end the killings especially after a spike in attacks in the neighboring Katsina state which is the President’s home state, but the end is not in sight.

It is obvious that the bandits mainly come from the Fulani ethnic group that has long relied principally on cattle herding.

However, efforts made by the local authorities in combating the crime, seem not productive, as Vigilante groups set up by local communities to defend themselves have been occasionally accused of extrajudicial killings which add to the spiral of killings.

The displaced persons especially in the north-east, north-central and north-western part of Nigeria where there has been high level of insecurity, has brought about so many negative effects, including millions of internally political crises.

This has no doubt led to political, social and economic disruptions which in turn lead to slow economic, social, religious and political development.

The world now sees Nigeria as a very violent nation and this has destroyed the reputation of Nigerians across the globe and political actors. There is no doubt that a lot of measures need to be put in place to resolve insecurity in the country.

New security policies, thinking and strategies need to be developed, corruption has to be stopped by all means, the government and the people need to develop trust and work together to resolve the insecurity situation for Nigeria to move forward.


Content created and supplied by: JosephUde (via Opera News )

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