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Top 3 closest international borders in the world

This countries are just too close to each other.. Let's check them out

America and Mexico

It's so close that citizens if both country play ball over it's borders.

The total length of this border is 3145 kilometers, from the gulf of Mexico, it follows course right straight into the Pacific Ocean, this border is the most crossed border in the world with approximately 350 million crossings yearly

The border was established December 30,1853

Portugal and Spain

This border is also known as "the stripe",it's one of the oldest in the world and its 1214 kilometer long

The victory of king Afonso I of Portugal over his cousin king Alfonso VII of León at the Battle of Valdevez , forced the Kingdom of León to recognise Portugal as a country, thus establishing the northern borders of Portugal.

It was established 1143

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

Also known as the "tripier frontier",it's the confluence where the river iguazu and River parana converges, this river spilt Puerto iguazu in Argentina, foz de iguacu in Brazil, Porto Franco in Paraguay,with a total population of 950,000 people inhabiting the "tripier frontier"

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Argentina Brazil Mexico Porto Franco Portugal


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