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What Bola Tinubu Can Do As CAC President Says Any Northerner Eyeing Presidency Doesn't Love Nigeria

Pastor Samuel Oladele who happens to be the president of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in Nigeria and overseas reportedly said that anybody from the North who is planning to contest for presidency ahead 2023 does not love the country. However, a report from Punch news made it known that he stated the above statement during a press conference that held at their branch in ikeja during the week.

Pastor Oladele further said that presidency should rotate between the North and the South, although it's not a perfect arrangement because when we talk about the North, it's not one, just as the South is not one either. Hence, to allow peace to reign in the country, the pastor made it clear that anybody among the Northerners hitching towards clinching the presidency again in 2023 after President Muhammadu Buhari does not love the country. In this article, I will be discussing what Bola Tinubu as one of the top presdiential aspirants can do in regards to the recent statement from the CAC president. You will agree with me that Bola Tinubu is somehow favoured in this instance politically as he is not a Northern politician, his affiliation is more inclined to the Southwestern part of the country, hence it will be wise of him to capitalize on his regional attachment.

What Bola Tinubu can do;

Firstly, the fact that Bola Tinubu happens to be one of the top presidential aspirants ahead 2023 is such that cannot be swept beneath the carpet, but his candidacy can only be well sustained with smartness and diplomacy because he will not be the only politician bidding for the office in the upcoming general election, hence the statement of CAC president above is such that Bola Tinubu should capitalized on, he can achieve this by being well grounded in his region which is the Southwest, he is expected to see how he can have majority of the Southwest politicians on his side so that they can aid him in his marketability. You will further agree with me that the stake of Bola Tinubu in his region is something that cannot be underrated as it happens to be a key determinant in his ambition, and if he readily have his region in his side, it will discourage other regions from competing with him as his home would have gotten him anointed.

Secondly, the game of politics is all about numbers, and the politician with more believers always have higher chances of victory during slating, Bola Tinubu should not only maintain a good stand in his region, he should also see how he can have some Northern politicians on his side, this is such that will add to his existing capacity and also enable him to break the strength of the Northerners to some extent.

The upcoming general election is an opportunity for Bola Tinubu to test the capacity he had built overtime. More so, the statement from CAC president above is such that favours him, hence it will be wise of him to effectively utilize all his available opportunities and resources to enhance his political sustainability come 2023. Consideration to the above stated points is also something that can make him stand tall as a presidential aspirant in his region and even beyond.

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