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Nigeria's 2023 Presidential Election: A Lesson for the Youth

There is a lot of back and forth between people depending on their party, belief, tribe, religion, and orientation, but one thing is certain: youth are getting involved in politics, and in the next election, youth should be taking the lead.

All this started when the youth realized that the leaders would continue to take them for granted and even kill them with impunity.

An example is the Endsar saga. We can see the power in coming together as one to stand against police brutality; even the government noticed for the first time and paid attention.

The results from Endsar may not be satisfactory, but one thing is for sure: if all well-meaning youth can come together as one and shun religion, tribe, sentiment, etc., the leaders have no choice but to listen to them.

During the Endsar saga, no one talked about religion or tribe because both Christians and Muslims died because of the lack of direction and self-interest of our elected officers.

This is the time for all well-meaning youth to come together and not allow the politicians to use tribe and religion to divide us. (I know it will be difficult for some to get through this election because of what has been said, but upon hearing the words of these politicians against themselves, tribe, and religion, they will still sit together to share the national cake and laugh at all the commotion they cause.)

It's time to start educating ourselves and understanding the essence of coming together to choose a leader that will move this nation forward. If we don't understand the power we have together and come together as one, the politicians will keep taking us for granted.

It is time to put it out there that it is not about being Hausa, Igbo, or Yoruba but about moving the nation forward. Sometimes I wonder what the minority tribe will feel like in the midst of this commotion.

We are too intelligent in this country to allow our dear country to remain underdeveloped; we have the brains, manpower, resources, and skills to move from an underdeveloped to a developed country.

The same youth that try their best to protect themselves during the Endsar without referring to anybody's religion or tribe are the same Christian youth that protect the Muslims when they are praying during the Endsar, while the Muslim youth also join them during Christian service in Lekki (even the majority of the touts that will easily collect money and support the politicians supported the protest and started destroying buildings, etc. for the deaths of some Endsar protesters).

Of course, we cannot rule out tribalism and religion phobia, but we need to learn to tolerate and listen to others. Even if their point is wrong, we should try to explain it in a civilized manner so that they can understand.

There will always be betrayers, even along the way, but the youth must remain steadfast.

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