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OPINION: End Of The Road For APC In Edo State.

No man is God and no man can be God. A situation where a microscopic few and oligarchs take it upon themselves to circumvent the collective will of the people, deprive them the opportunity of making their own leadership choices as a people, and impose on them a character of their own choosing, represents the low pedestal on which the people are placed. 

From time immemorial, man has always recognized the hand of a greater power that rules over the affairs of men. When a man tries to take the place of God, he offsets the natural balance and the universe itself plots a conspiracy to pull him down. 

The show of shame that emanated from the disqualification of a sitting Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, from the Edo state 2020 guber race, by the National Working Committee of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, is a testament of the godhood being perpetrated by some power-holding politicians in the party. 

The singular event shows our level of development as a nation. A nation that would sacrifice meritocracy for mediocrity. It is even more shameful that the actors in this Game of Thrones, season 9,like the renowned Lanisters, have simply refused to recognize that in the midst of their impunity and political recklessness, there exists a dragon queen that could lay waste to all their years of politicking, and every single achievement or legacy still bearing their name would form a union with the dust of the ground. 

This is the end of APC as we know it unless a deus ex machina somehow manages to reorient the minds of it's actors in reversing their conspirational decision against the Edo state Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki. Only a quick and timely retrace of steps may perhaps help in this regard, otherwise APC is dead in Edo State

Most men in their dying breath would want their remains to be laid to the earth amidst the strumming of the harps and the blast of trumpets, but not the APC. This singular act against a performing governor may be the last straw that would break the carmel's back. 

APC may be buried amidst jubilation. Nobody will be there to sing her the "Libera me" or hold her a Requiem mass. 

Such impunity was first planned and executed against Lagosians in the case of Ambode, who we could say decided to leave quietly, and because Lagosians tolerated it, they decided to take on Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, but he would not go down so easy. APC or it's sole proprietors may have won a battle but eventually, will lose the war. 

It is crystal clear that should the APC Governors Forum, PGF, continue to keep mute at such draconian actions by the leaders of the APC, soon every Governor under the platform of the APC will become a puppet in the hands of Sauron and Saruman. 

A Gandalf must rise from the party to break the staff of Saruman and a Frodo Baggins should be ready to travel down the slippery slope of Mount Doom in order to destroy the one ring of Sauron with which he plans to cover the APC in a land of second darkness.

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