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Letter To Senate: We Don't Need Age Limit Bill Scrapping For Jobseekers, These Are 7 Things We Need

From:2, Pako Road, Akowonjo, Lagos.

18th July 2020.

To:The Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Three Arms, Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Nigerian Senate,

Open Letter To Senate: We Don't Need Age Limit Bill Scrapping For Jobseekers, These Are 7 Things We Need

I would like to open this write-up by a way of appreciation to all current members of the 9th Assembly for doing better than your immediate predecessor in sponsoring people oriented bills. While it is also highly commendable to read on the pages of Punch newspapers your proposed age limit scrap for job applicants titled 'Senate Moves To Scrap Age Limit For Jobseekers'. 

There is no doubt that age limit factors/specifications have deprived many talented, brilliant, vibrant, and promising Nigerian youths to be gainfully employed either in the private sector or public sector. 

The truth is that many Nigerian youth who aren't connected with the right people or right politicians who can influence their employment wander our streets for 5 to 10 years, with no fault of theirs, without decent jobs. A few of unemployed Nigerian youths eventually find a breakthrough while many settles for Yahoo, Yahoo plus and advanced internet frauds which have all tarnished Nigria image not only in Africa, but also throughout the world.

Sincerely, I think we don't need the scrapping of age limit for employment. Here are what we need you to do for us:

1. Remove state of origin from primary, secondary and all other certificates as many state governments now discriminate and deny qualified candidates using tribes as a reason. This is against the pre

2. Ask people who have worked for 30 years in service to pave way for unemployed youths.

3. Stop the use of 5 or 10 years work experience for job-seekers as this has put many young graduates at a disadvantage for employment.

4. Propose and implement a bill for a single term tenure for all political offices holders. Nigeria had a population of about 200 millions. So, two terms of eight years for political office occupiers are not right to me as millions of Nigerians are denied opportunities to serve their fatherland.

5. Casualisation/contract staffings should be abolished in private companies like factories as this has made Nigerians slaves to foreign investors in Nigeria. More often than not, the way Indian, Chinese, and foreign national owned companies treat Nigerians working with them is nothing to write home about.

6. Stop employment riggings particularly among politicians and highly placed individuals which put minor at a disadvantage for job consideration.

7. Easy access to credit facilities to depopulate the labour market. Many are not interested in government jobs especially the Easterners.

I am insisting on those 7 cardinal points highlighted above because I am yet to be convinced that your intention to scrap the age limitation for would-be job seekers are not to favour your political followers, relatives, and families who are overaged for employment thus using age lift to dubiously empower them.

I hope this article would get to the Senate so that you act wisely and decisively.

Yours faithfully,



Do you agree with me on this or not?

Or do you go with the Senate on the proposed age limit bill for unemployed Nigerians?

Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comment section provided below.

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