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Power To The Powerless: Four Times Nyesom Wike Has Proved To Be The 'Superman' Governor Of Rivers.

When you see Governor Wike with His Kangol Cap, in Jeans and Shirt, you know an action is about to take place. Governor Nyesom Wike is known to be a man of great standard and Integrity when it comes to political games and leadership. He has been well involved in lots of political activities lately and has proved himself as one of the powerful politicians that seem untouchable. He has shown to be a man you can rest and rely upon as a father in politics through the series of events that has happened this year and the previous years. 


A quick flashback to about two years ago, an epic night when Governor Nyesom Wike went against the DSS boss and the commissioner of Police, stopped what he called an Illegal arrest of a Judge in Port Harcourt. He claimed that the DSS was not following due protocol, wanted to abuse power and allegedly abduct the Judge. He sent out a strong message to the President to keep watch of the actions of the DSS as he may not be aware of what they are doing.

Also, you would recall the beginning of the Covid-19 Lockdown within the state. Those who went against the lockdown protocols were dealt with, leaving no one out. This brought about the destruction of a big hotel that went against the protocol of lockdown and opened in the state. There was so much noise concerning that, but Wike stood his ground said that they went against his orders and that serves as a penalty for their action. Afterwards, the news had it that the hotel owner tested positive to Covid-19.

Not leaving behind the Obaseki Saga and how Governor Nyesome Wike was the mastermind behind him. Obaseki went to Rivers state and consulted Wike, with that meeting we all expected something, and we saw the action that followed. Obaseki's defection to PDP wasn't behind Wike and till now, he is still solidly behind Obaseki as he continues in his aspiration for a rerun and reelection under the umbrella of the PDP.

Another issue surfaced of recent with the NDDC Affairs Minister, Senator Akpabio had issues with the former acting Director, Nunieh. A few days back, Wike sent out words that nothing must happen to Nunieh, claiming that she is his daughter, not literally, but a political daughter. Today, he has shown that by comjng to save the day as she was rescued out of her apartment where she claims the Police surrounded, thereby preventing her from leaving there to testify in the NDDC probe that is ongoing. Wike stormed the place with armed policemen in place and ready for action.

All these four instances alone show that Wike is not just a man of words but words with more of action. He has been tipped to run for presidency in the upcoming elections but sadly, he said that he has no ambition to run for presidency. He would be a very good candidate the PDP would have to stand a high chance of claiming power in the presidency. Although, there is still a chance that he would change in mind but for now, he debunked having that ambition.

Governor Wike is a man you can always call upon in times of trouble and he works with a very Intelligent strategy and Integrity. Some refer to him the "John Wick of rivers State".

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