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Just Like Ribadu, EFCC Boss, Magu is a Victim of the System But Will Surely Be Vindicated (Opinion)

Ever since Ibrahim Magu's arrest and detention, there have been arguments here and there whether he is truly guilty or not, personally, I don't need any report from Justice Salami for me to trust & believe that Magu is a hero of our march to progressivism in the last 5 years. 

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Magu has shown himself a man in facing the monsters of corruption in the past 5 years. Only a willful blind will not see the same thing PMB saw in him that has made him damn the DSS & NASS to keep him even in acting capacity since 5 years now.

I don't need Justice Salami's report before I approve the unparrelled achievements of Magu in this war on corruption, his efficiency, effectiveness, dedication to duty, loyalty & fearlessness in confronting the monsters of corruption, no matter their status, both at home & abroad. 

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I will rather his results speak for him because 'there is no way you will wash the wrapper of an old woman without discovering some dried piece of shit she didn't even know when it escaped her bowels'.

If a probe is instituted against president Buhari's administration today, they are sure to discover improprieties. 

Will that make you, a Buharist, change your mind & agree PMB is a thief? Of course not. Why? Because PMB has merited our trust since 1985.

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It's the same with Magu for me He has merited my trust!

He may be brash & stubborn as well he should be for a man fighting corruption in a fantastically corrupt nation. He may sometimes not use conventional means or out of the law textbook methods to fight corruption but am yet to see any nation including China that has successfully fought corruption by relying on conventional procedures not even Mahattir Mohammed in Malaysia who is himself a lawyer. 

There may be improprieties in the activities of EFCC under Magu but we must admit the agency is not a one man show. It has operational & zonal directors.

Good Justice Salami can discover whatever he could or whatever they want him to discover, it won't change my belief that Magu, whether he keeps his post or get sacked, is a national hero that we all will celebrate, if not now but someday soon as we Nigerians appreciate our heroes only in retrospect.

Just like a former Boss of the anti graft agency, Nuhu Ribadu, Magu represents a nation consciousness to the national pandemic of corruption and its proceeds in the land. While it is impossible for Magu to be perfect and no man does, nobody could have done the fight of corruption better without feeling the heat of its fighting back because in all nations of the world, the corruption and the corrupts are appeared to be powerful, connected and well established.

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They control virtually all the organs of the society. It then means whosever that will eat with the devil must be brave, strong hearted, battle ready and wise with superiority in scheme.

All in all, Magu has performed excellently well. The posterity will judge him right. Darkness may be intimidating and fearful but with appearance of ray of light, darkness will disappear, that I'm sure of. He is just a victim of the Nigerian political system but one thing i am certain about is that; it is only a matter of time before he is vindicated. Victory ascerta for our corruption fighting hero, Magu.

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