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(Opinion) Why the United Kingdom Must Take Another Look at Its Relationship with Nnamdi Kanu

If you have followed the story of Nnamdi Kanu and his rise to prominence, you must at least admire his gut and tenacity. After he broke up with Ralph Uwazuruike, founder of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), over ideological differences, he immediately set up the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and he has been able to steer that organization into one of the most-talked-about and perhaps the most influential political groups in Nigeria.

IPOB has since overshadowed MASSOB. And Nnamdi Kanu himself is regarded by many Igbos as a warrior, just like Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. If there was any doubt as to how much many Igbos honour Mr. Kanu, it was put to rest recently when IPOB unilaterally declared a Sit-at-Home order in the entire South East in honour of the victims of the Biafra civil war that lasted between 1967 and 1970.

Under the command of Mr. Kanu, many streets in the region were empty, markets were deserted, shops were locked, banks and other businesses shut down. Even vehicular and air transportation were disrupted by the order.

ESN members paraded in one of the South East states after arrest by police

Going by such reality, I dare say that Kanu has prevailed were many Igbo politicians have failed. He has captured the hearts and minds of the Igbos with his audacity and firmness.

But unfortunately, Mr. Kanu, appears overwhelmed by his new reality. Over the years his indiscretion, recklessness and lack of tact has been a major source of affliction and suffering on his people. since the establishment of IPOB, Igbo youths have been killed in their numbers during confrontations with the security forces. Perhaps thousands more are languishing in detention without any hope of regaining freedom soon.

The conflict has even escalated in the last couple of months since the creation of Eastern Security Network (ESN), which is the militant arm of IPOB. ESN's constant hostility with the security operatives have resulted in needless deaths of many Igbo youths.

Yet despite the mounting casualties, Kanu has refused to reconsider his strategy. He has repudiated logic and snubbed the call for diplomacy. Every time he speaks from his base in the UK, he is always spitting fire and sounding confrontational. He is always talking about deaths and wars etc. He is telling the Igbo youths to go fight the military without any consideration for the dangers they face, while he is holed up in UK and living in opulence at the expense of the Igbos.

He is doing that while also evading justice here in Nigeria where he is facing charges for treason and terrorism. The fact that he is based in the UK where he is a citizen, protects him from any action by the Nigerian government.

Relying on that country’s laws, which fiercely protects free speech, Kanu has been dishing out inflammatory and inciteful comments with a clear intention to heat up the polity back in Nigeria and create political tension. All these he is doing not because he loves the Igbos, but to massage his ego and to fulfill his personal ambition. Kanu wants Biafra at any cost.

Indeed, there is little the Nigerian government can do to bring Kanu to justice because of international law. But the UK government can do a lot. They must recognize that one of their citizens has become an agent of destabilization and terror in Nigeria and he is causing deaths in high number in Nigeria.

It is high time the UK government step in and stop Kanu from his hate campaign or better still hand him over to the Nigerian government, where he can face judgement for the crimes he has caused. They must realize that Kanu is not just a threat to Nigeria alone, he is a threat to the UK and of course the international community. Because if there is war in Nigeria, the attendant humanitarian crisis will ripple across many nations.

So, the UK government must not wait until it is too late to act if they truly care about Nigeria and global peace.

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