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2 Statements Alao Akala Made About The Yoruba Nation And Restructuring That We Should Know.

Agitation for Secession is one of the most discussed issues in Nigeria, with a small group of people in Nigeria's South West regions agitating for the Oodua nation.

Even after the federal government vowed to maintain Nigeria's unity and issued numerous warnings to these people to embrace the one Nigeria, many of them continue to demonstrate disobedience in which they rally around protesting for their imaginary country, provoking the federal government to play a significant role in how one of their leaders, Sunday Igboho, was arrested in Benin Republic.

On the other hand, Nigeria's restructuring has always made headlines, after many groups in southern Nigeria condemned the current system of government that we are using.

According to the Ohanaeze and Afenifere groups, restructuring will bring a lot of good and quick development to our country, as well as make Nigeria stronger in the economy and security.

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Moreover, President Muhammadu Buhari has a different perspective on restructuring, and he has vowed that he will never give power to people who do not win elections in their state.

However, when the former Governor of Oyo State, Alao Akala, was speaking to the press, he made the following two statements about restructuring and Yoruba nation agitation that we should be aware of.

I am for One Nigeria, I don't support the Yoruba nation.

As an elderly and well-experienced politician who was alive during the 1967 civil war and knows how bitter it is, he makes it clear that he does not support any agitation for the breakup of Nigeria, which could lead to another civil war, which everyone fears.

He declared that it was the Almighty God who brought us together to form Nigeria. This is not Africa's only country with multi-ethnic groups. Almost every country in Africa and the rest of the world has it.

 In addition, Yoruba land is densely populated with sub-tribal tribes. Even if we got the Yoruba nation today, he claimed, there would be another agitation that Ijebu, or the Egba people, were dominating us. 

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I want a system in which the central government will be weak and regional governments will be strong.

Like how many southerners we want, Akala appears to support Afenifere and Ohanaeze's restructuring bid because he assures us that restructuring Nigeria will benefit us.

Nigeria can only develop quickly and effectively if the central government is weak and the regional governments are strong.

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