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Will you vote for Goodluck Jonathan if he contests in the 2023 presidential election?

All Nigerians felt that as soon as Buhari came to power, they would feel some relief after the hardship from the immediate-past administration of Goodluck Jonathan. But from all indications, Jonathan’s Government was better than the current administration. So if peradventure Goodluck Ebele Jonathan decide to contest in the 2023 elections, will you vote for him?

In my opinion, I'd vote for Jonathan if he decides to contest as Nigerian president in 2023, and here are some of my reasons ;

Jonathan sold Petrol at N87 while Buhari is selling at almost double the price Jonathan sold.

Jonathan gave more funding to education while Buhari's budget favours Ministry of information more than education

Jonathan spent an average of N8million on each international trip while Buhari spends an average of N55million on each international trip

Jonathan made Nigeria's economy the best in Africa and No 1 investment destination and quadrupled our GDP in 4yrs while Buhari has dragged Nigeria's economy down

Jonathan left Naira exchange rate @ N185 to $1 but during Buhari's regime we now sells at N360 to $1.

Under Jonathan freedom and liberty of Nigerians was not determined by party affiliation, but today under Buhari, his perceived enemies and political opponents are leveled with frivolous allegations of crimes and intimidated with either the EFCC or the DSS.

Meanwhile, the prices of all goods and services in Nigeria have gone up, particularly essential commodities. Each time one buys a product from the market and goes back the second day; one will notice that the price has drastically increased.

Without doubt, his leadership positions and experiences has seen him fly so high, in so short a time - and of course way ahead of his years.

Here are some of the uncommon achievements of a 62-year old attributed to the ex-President.

  • At 62, GEJ has conveniently checked the boxes for Deputy Governor, Acting Governor, Governor, Vice President, Acting President and President.
  • GEJ remains the first sitting President - with his historic telephone call - to concede defeat in an election he looked forward to winning.
  • GEJ is one of the few African leaders (serving and retired) who have spoken at the Oxford Union in the Oxford University.

With the above statements I believe that Jonathan would bring back the much needed stability the Nigerian Economy needs to thrive, though I can't say much on him tackling the Boko Haram menace as that would be left tonthe Nigerian army. For this reasons, I would want to give him another trial by voting for Jonathan if he decides to contest in 2023.

Will you vote for Goodluck Jonathan if he decides to contest? Share your opinion with us.

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