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(OPINION): Nigeria At 60: The Government Still Has a Lot To Do For Nigeria To Be Better

After over 50 years of being ruled by Britain, Nigeria finally got her independence in 1960, and by 1963, Nigeria had no form of bound with her former colonial master Britain.

After the total emancipation of Nigeria from Britain, Nigeria was faced with issues of underdevelopment In all sectors a situation which was further worsened after the system of regionalism was discontinued.

Many people especially, the Afrocentric writers blamed Nigerias backwardness and poverty on her former relationship with the British and slave trade. They believed that these two factors were responsible for the Underdeveloped State if Nigeria.

However today marks the 60 years after Nigeria gained her independence from Britain, the year 2020 also, marks 21 years of uninterrupted democratic rule in Nigeria.

And I ask why is Nigeria still backward, why is Nigeria the poverty capital of the world, why is Nigeria the third most dangerous country in the world, why does Nigeria have crude oil and still buy fuel at a rate higher than countries that donot have crude oil?.

There are a few questions among many questions in my mind. And to be honest it is quite disappointing that the giant of Africa and the richest country in Africa is unable to provide the basic needs of life to majority of it's citizens.

Rather, as each day passes, more people sink further into poverty, more people die in the hands of bandits and terrorist, more people take to crime, and more people sleep with one eyes open.

I'm proud to be a Nigerian and I'm sure.many People are too, but the state of Nigeria after 60 years of independence and 21 years of uninterrupted democratic rule is nothing to write home about.

When you count your blessings and your curses, and your curses seem to outweigh your blessings, automatically you are cursed and that is the situation most Nigerians find themselves in.

For the past one week their has celebrations and today is officially the day of celebration, but what is there to celebrate? is it the hike in electricity and fuel? is the increased insecurity and poverty? or is it the lack of adequate amenities and oppression.

Quite frankly most Nigerians have nothing to celebrate, and if you tune into your radios and television, all you will hear is anguish and tales of woes by Nigerians.

And so I urge those in government to do better, the time for placing blame is over, this is a time for good governance, continuity of government. At 60 Nigerian should no longer be a third world country neither should majority of her population suffer.

Happy birthday to Nigeria our dear country.

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