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Opinion: Why An Igbo Man Should Be Nigeria's President In 2023

As the 2023 presidential election is approaching, there is a great clamour for Igbo presidency, many Igbo leaders have decided that an Igbo man should be the next president of Nigeria. Northerners have been ruling Nigeria for years and the last time an Igbo man ruled Nigeria was in 1966.

If an Igbo man rules Nigeria, I believe that it will be a new start for Nigeria, it will lead to a beginning of success and development in Nigeria, this is because the Igbos have an innovative brain. The Igbos are known as the people of industrial development. Igbos also have successful entrepreneurs and they would be able to use business to drive this country out of continuous economy backsliding. Igbos have the power to build economy that's why their land is very developed. They are so successful in business that their economy does not depend on the federal government but on their work, they always work to ensure development in their land. 

If an Igbo man becomes president, there will be equity in distribution of resources. The Igbos would ensure that there is a fair revenue allocation to state, resources generated by states would be given to them according to how they earned it, it would be distributed equally. If an Igbo man becomes president, it will also help in the unity of Nigeria, the Igbo man would be able to calm agitators in his land and convince them into staying in Nigeria. The Igbo man would convince them not to divide but remain in unity. Igbos are the only people that are highly intelligent in managing economy, if an Igbo is voted as the next president of Nigeria, Nigeria would become one of the best countries in the world.

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