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She died after Childbirth: Check out Pictures Of this Beautiful Daughter of a Nigerian Politician.

She died after childbirth: Check out Pictures Of this beautiful daughter of a politician before she passed on.

 The people of Kwara state and beyond were in uncontrollable tears ever since the sad news of the death of the daughter to one of the politicians in their state died.

Her father was a former Governor of Kwara State, Nigeria, and was also an ex-communication minister.

Her name is Diekolola Osa Avielele Diekolola Osa Avielele. She was the daughter of the former Governor of Kwara state. 

She graduated from the university of Ilorin, Nigeria.

we've also gathered that the hardworking events center owner was the second child to the former Governor. And had a good relationship with her father before her death.

Her father, Chief Cornelius Adebayo was an ex-communication Minister. Diekolola died as a result of complications from childbirth but her baby is doing well and fine.

She delivered her child last week.

Today, In this article, we'll show you her pictures.

Pictures :

Maymay her soul rest in peace, and the family be comforted

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