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Stop Saying All Protocols Duly Observed, See The Right Thing To Say

Why You Should Stop Saying All Protocols Duly Observed, See The Right Thing To Say

“All Protocols Duly Observed” has become a normal statement with which Nigerians, especially in a formal gathering tend to start speeches and addresses. This is purely far from the ethics of effective communication and accurate use of the English language.

The fact that many people do not know that the use of the above expression or statement is out-rightly wrong, spun in me the need to write on this topic. Although English is not our mother tongue, its proper usage in communication is essential.

Firstly, in a formal event or during a presentation of a formal speech, it is mandatory as part of effective communication for the speaker to acknowledge all present.

Traditionally the correct protocol for starting a formal speech is by addressing everyone in your audience in order of precedence, starting from the most highest-ranking personalities according to the least ranking.

Now the easiest and most effective way to do this, while saving everybody the long pleasantries of calling individual ranks is to start with e.g. “Your Excellency, Minister, My

Lords, Press, Ladies and Gentlemen”.

Also, the speaker can observe the protocol by clustering, using use a general phrase to address all the people that fall within a certain category e.g. honorable delegates, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, your excellencies, my Lords, etc.

However, the recognition of personalities is tailored to the audience present. But the speaker must ensure that his greetings cover everyone present.

Secondly, what are Protocols and how can Protocols be observed?

Protocols are a system of rules or procedures for how an activity should be performed. On the other hand, Observance, in this case, is the conformity to the given rules, law, customs, and guidelines.

Now when you say “All Protocols Duly Observed” it means you are telling the audience that all rules and procedures guiding the event have been followed to the latter. And this is basically a lie.

Thirdly, some people commit the blunder of saying “All Protocols Duly Observed” after painstakingly taking time to mention all dignitaries present.

If you have to take the time to observe the protocols, there is no need to alert the audience about it again because you have observed it. It is therefore redundant to include that out-of-place phrase “All Protocols Duly Observed”.

Fourthly, Another error that is easily made by Nigerians is the use of the phrase ” I Stand on Existing Protocols”.

You cannot stand on Existing Protocols because every individual is expected to observe his or her own protocols.

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