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OPINION: Why Nigerians Need To Stop Blaming Buhari For All The Challenges & Crisis In Nigeria

The current situation in Nigeria has affected a lot of people to a point that many citizens are finding a means of escape to neighbouring countries to secure their lives and that of their relatives. The rich and lucky citizens of Nigeria have taken visas for themselves to Countries like UK, Canada, the US and more because they can no longer bear the heat and the threats in Nigeria. Those who are less privileged can hardly afford a means of livelihood in this tough period and they keep complaining about the leadership of the country.

Many people assume that President Muhammadu Buhari is the cause of all the atrocities in Nigeria because of his rank in the country, they feel he isn't doing enough as a president even though he has engaged citizens in different empowerment skills that could help them have a better lifestyle. The level of complaints against the President is so high that I start to wonder if the President is the one behind all the irregularities in the country. Truth be told, President Muhammadu Buhari is not a god and he cannot do the work alone, hence the selection of different individuals into ministerial positions to help bridge the gap between the needs of the people and the president when any developments need to be made.

If Buhari had refused to put ministers and directors in place, I would have supported the people blaming him but because he gives instructions to those under him and they don't deliver or act according to his instructions, he is not at fault and he should be allowed to carry on with his duties. The tough part of the reality is that he cannot sack every appointed minister or commissioner who fails to perform his/her duty without following the required protocol.

The increment in dollar price was tagged to Buhari (when the CBN governor is there to be questioned), food increment is tagged to Buhari(when some marketers are been selfish) and insecurity is also tagged to him. I don't want to sound like an illiterate but I know many Citizens will find it hard to solve the problems of the country if they are given the chance to rule Nigeria for 8 years or more.

It is a very difficult thing to repair an already damaged development if one does not have enough time in hand to do the necessary things that will bring changes. When Jonathan was in power, there was an increment in livelihood, fuel was increased, Dollar left its price and rose beyond one hundred Naira and we except Buhari to come and resolve all these at once, it is not an easy task. The bulk of a nation is so heavy and at times presidents can't do it alone if their cabinets are unfaithful to them.

Even though Trump was removed after he was criticised for his bad administration, many Americans still complain about irregularities in this Joe Biden's Era. It is high time we start holding ministers, directors and Governors responsible for not performing their duties, the President is the head but he can't do the work alone that is why the government of a nation under democracy has three tiers. The tiers have their functions and they are to give backings to the President.

I'm not happy with the happenings in Nigeria but we should offload the all-time blame from the President and give attention to other people who have been appointed to different public offices to help the president and his administration.

I hope this meets every Nigerian well?. The country will surely be great, all we need do is to give it more time to germinate and we would enjoy the sweet fruits by and by

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