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Reactions as The Deputy Governor of Kogi preaches

According to the information gathered, Edward Onoja took to his social media page on the 11th of May, 2021 where he disclose the power of being faithful in line with honesty. Onoja as the Deputy Governor of Kogi State has many followers of social media.

Following the information gathered, he said, "Why did peter sink when he was commanded to come by Jesus? This showed Peter that Jesus was faithful: If Jesus said “come,” Jesus would enable him to walk on the water to come to him." 

"The first lesson in this story is to trust the Lord when he gives us a command, even if it seems as frightening as walking on turbulent water. This fear pulled him away from trusting Jesus." 

"Fear destroys FAITH, distracts you from FOCUS and seeks to quench your FIRE If you get an Instruction from Almighty God, go ahead and WALK on WATER."

His above words are from the bibles which shows a lot of facts about being faithful. This causes a stir on social media with lengthy comments to his pages.

1. "Your next step of action should be getting an orphanage home is better to put a smile on them by given them a home and employing ppl in that area of a specialist to take care of them thanks as we wait to see that unfold."

2. "WALK on WATER and kogite will joyfully rejoice for your obituary. Devil incarnation."

3. "Words of wisdom May God almighty continue to grant us the wisdom and understanding to be Good followers"

4. "Oga shut up already and fix your state and by extension the nation. We are at war and it's shameful when those trusted with authority play ostrich. You are not worthy to speak of what you are discussing here."

5. "Edward can preach shall, but the whole thing is a pure scam....u are negatively using all dis sermon."

6. "He only began to sink when he turned his attention away from Jesus, the Living Word, to look at the boisterous waves. Don’t look at the waves! Don’t observe lying vanities. Don’t allow natural occurrences determine the circumstances of your existence. Don’t be moved by what your natural senses can perceive, be moved only by the Word. Those who take their eyes away from the Word are easily overwhelmed by the crises of life."

7. "What is your government doing in terms of fighting crime, reducing poverty and improving the economy? You hardly talk about that, or were you elected to be giving Bible teachings and inspirational speeches? At least strike a balance."

8. "Chief Edward David Onoja abeg no dey mention Jesus name anyhow, look at the road u commissioned, una no dey shame? Stop using Jesus name to deceive people." 

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