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We Had Expected Imo PDP To Intimate Imolites Better On The N175.7B Revenue Allegation On Uzodinma


Our attention has been drawn to another incoherent piece credited to the recently appointed acting publicity secretary of the opposition People's Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Ogu Bundu Nwadike, wherein he laboured fruitlessly to accuse the administration of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma of misappropriation of an imaginary and illusionary sum of N 175.7 billion within this few months in office. We know that the mission of his worthless and dangerous voyage was nothing but to mislead the people and create an unnecessary disaffection and illwill against the government through his unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations. We had expected Ogu Bundu to do better than his apprentice-in-chief Ambrose Nwaogwugwu! But alas! Like father, like son!

Honestly, it beats our imagination that a man like Ogu Bundu, with all his experience and exposure in the media industry, could condescend to this level of absurdity and abysmally low to fabricate malicious falsehood for the purpose of scoring cheap political goal. It is more worrisome, that the same Ogu Bundu had been in the practice of self adulation of an apostle of truth, when in reality he is the opposite of what he claims.

Ogu Bundu says no truth and he lacks a clear understanding of what the truth is and to him the truth is always relative. He cannot for sure claim to know that less than N175.7 billion which only exists in his imagination entered into the state treasury as he doesn't have the required and necessary documents even facts to prove his hollow and weak argument. We challenge him to breakdown how he arrived at the jagged figure he frivolously quoted. After alleging, you must also provide facts as evidence. Sadly, Ogu Bundu never did this. 

Ogu Bundu shouldn’t be claiming a born again civil rights activist or acting like a renowned investigative journalist, when he couldn’t become one in the seven months administration of his pay master Emeka Ihedioha, who started with the rebuilding of his private residence immediately after inauguration, but refused to commence any single project in the state. 

If Ogu Bundu was true to his conscience, other than brandishing concocted figures, Imolites will be more interested to hear from him how their short-lived administration utilized the funds the former governor, Rochas Okorocha alleged to have handed to the "Rebuild" administration. It was well documented evidence that Okorocha declared that he left the total of 42.5 billion for the PDP administration. According to Okorocha, he left 8.1 billion naira from FAAC in government Zenith Bank account for the payment of salaries, 5.2 billion naira remnant of Paris Club Refund for pensions arrears domiciled with Access Bank, another 7.6 billion naira from UBEC for the renovation of schools. Okorocha further revealed he also left behind the sum of 60 million dollars representing 21.6 billion naira mapped out for rural roads. 

We want Ogu Bundu to explain to the people what they did with this mind boggling sum of money they inherited from Okorocha's government. Nwadike should tell us what happened to the whooping sum of 5.2 billion naira of Paris club refund meant for pensions arrears, even when pensions were never paid. The accountant general of Imo State, Ogu Bundu Nwadike should also explain to us how the government he served ultilized the 21.6 billion naira for rural roads, when there was no single road done. What of the renovation projects? Honestly, Ogu Bundu and his Politically Displaced People (PDP) have a lot of explanation to give our people. 

Nobody is talking about the statutory monthly allocations from FAAC between May 29, 2019 till December 2019 and other interventional funds from World Bank funded agencies that came to the state within the period they illegally held sway. 

Unlike the previous administration that Ogu Bundu worked for and still working for, which was marauded by corrupt officials and saw to the stealing and embezzlement of public funds through various sharp practices and irrelevant elephant projects. An administration that claimed to have come to rebuild the state, only to end up rebuilding themselves and their private pockets, before God's intervention. We are proud to say that, six months after the emergence of Governor Hope Uzodimma, nobody has accused the governor of renovating or building a new house of his own anywhere in the world. 

One thing we cannot do is to give credence to the purported figures fraudulently manufactured by Ogu Bundu because we understand clearly the frustration of our brother Nwadike, who had returned to Imo with the sole intention to rebuild himself, only for his selfish ambition to be cut short by the intervention of God through the victory of Senator Hope Uzodimma. By now, Ogu Bundu would have been building two duplexes simultaneously, one in town and another in his village. One could understand the level of anger and frustration in his mind. No matter what this government does to the admiration of Imo people, Ogu Bundu will never be happy so long as his selfish ambition is not protected. We can only sympathize with him, as there is nothing he can do about his predicament, not even the worthless and dead on arrival RAP or RAPE court case he is parading up and down.

We are happy that today, the Shared Prosperity government of Gov. Hope Uzodimma is not owing any civil servant in the state except for those who have BVN issues and once rectified, they will be paid immediately as same as the pensioners. Not forgetting the massive road constructions going on in the state and other dividends of democracy. Does this not show that our allocations are used for our common good?

Finally we wish to urge Imo people to demand from Ogu Bundu Nwadike to give a total breakdown of all allocations, internal generated revenues recieved by his pay master Ihedioha from May 29th, 2019- January 13th, 2020 as well as the expenditure account before he could be taken serious again.

While we wait for him to present the said account, we will continue to rejoice in the Lord for we now have a governor who is here for real business of quality governance. Imo is indeed, hopeful!.



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