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Avoid Embarrassment Stop Saying "How I Wish" See The Correct Word

As we all know that English is essential in our lives and is the most used language in the world.

English is important because:

1. We use it for business transactions.

2. We use it to interact with people from other countries.

3. It is a common language that is being used in schools.

There are some English that we speak on a daily basis that is absolutely wrong and shouldn't be used in the public to avoid embarrassment.

Let's learn to be unique and presentable while speaking in public. You may go ahead and speak anyhow you like while in your closet, but while speaking in the public you should be careful about how you speak.

Many of us have got addicted to using the word "how I wish", it is a grammatical error. The correct usage is "I wish". Stop saying "how I wish you came early" rather say "I wish you came early".

Thanks for reading this lesson. Don't forget to teach others by sharing with them.

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English The Correct Word


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