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Youths in "Power"; See The Young Nigerians Below The Age of 35 Holding Key Positions (Photos)

"Youths are the leaders of tomorrow" so goes the old saying. In this 21st century, modernisation and civilisation have contributed in broadening the horizon of ones ones knowledge. Many young people have taken advantage of this to soar high by exploring the vast opportunities created by technology. As a result, useful innovations have been made particularly by the young. 

  Coming to Nigeria, so much emphasis and focus on the youths. This is because they form a great percentage of the active population. More importantly, they are much involved in the electoral process which ushers in leaders at various capacities but unfortunately, they are far less in these leadership positions as compared to the old.  In the western world,it happens to a society that favours and benefits the youths. Many of the educated young adults are involved in the running of the affairs of the country and around hey have proved to be impressive. 

The Nigerian situation doesn't seem to many. Much noise have been made about the young age group not given the opportunity to serve in key positions. There is a feeling of neglect and relegation to the background among them. This was part of the reason the president Buhari led federal government signed the not too young to rule bill in an attempt to support and encourage the young ones into effective involvement in governance.

 Though it may seem like the youths are not getting the desired attention but it is important to note that both the president and some of the state governments have done fairly well by making the youth empowerment a priority. We can see some very young persons appointed into key positions. 

We will like to make known those under the age of 35 years who are at top levels of government i the country both at the state and federal level.

Bashir Ahmed:

A very known praise singer of Buhari, Bashir is the personal assistant to the president on new media. He is a native of Kano state and holds a degree in mass communication from the popular Bayero University. He got his Presidential appointment at the age of 24. Bashir is currently one of the youngest appointees of president Buhari. 

Hannatu Mohammed :

The appointment of miss Hannatu was one that really sparked controversy on social media. In may 2019, the 27year old Hannatu was appointed into the board of the independent corrupt practices commission.

Born in 1992, Hannatu is a graduate of Ahmadu bello University Zaria with a degree in pharmacy. Prior to he appointment, she has worked at few places including an NGos.

Oluseun Fakorede:

Making history as the states youngest appointee so far, fakorede is the commissioner for youths and sports in the south western state of Oyo. Having graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, he became a youth advocate by founding the Home advantage Africa which is an NGO. Governor Seyi makinde was applauded for the appointment of Seun fakorede into his cabinet team. He is currently 28years of age. 

Joana Nnazu Kolo:

Born in 1993, joana is an indigene of Kwara state. She is the youngest female commissioner in Nigeria. Her appointment to head the youths ministry in the kwara state by Governor Abdulrazaq came after she just finished her national youth service programme. She graduated from the Kwara state University.

Sabiu Yusuf :

A man still in his late twenties, sabiu happens to be one of the close ally to the president. He is also a relative to Buhari. Sabiu yusuf is the personal assistant to the president. Recently, he was in the middle of a controversy after some allegations of alleged embezzlement of money. Though until recent times, not much is heard about him, but his position is key.

Bayo omoboriowo:

Yet another aide to president Muhammadu buhari, Bayo is a professional photographer. He was born on 1987 in Lagos state. Though he studied applied chemistry in the University, bayo went into photography and later became the personal photographer to Nigeria's number one citizen. 

Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad :

Yet another appointee of Buhari, Ahmad is the executive director of the Rural Electrification Agency. Being in his mid thirties, He is the young government official to head a federal parastatal. Ahmad is an electronic /electrical engineer who has sound educational background and relative professional experience. 

Mark Okoye:

Mark Okoye is the commissioner for economic planning and budget in Anambra state. Known for for his intellect and foreign background, he has been listed among the category of reputable individuals for his role and influence in making great achievement in at various capacities which he served. He was formerly an aide to Governor before being promoted as a commissioner. 

  These young individuals are using their positions to make useful impact in the society. 

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