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How Uzodinma spent only 30 minutes in the meeting with S'East Gov's and Ohanaeze in Enugu

The situation is becoming dramatic in the South East as the days go by. Things that concern life and death should not be seen as a joking issue. The South East has been in the news for negative reasons for some months, counting down the lane. Insecurity and sit-at-home orders are eating up the South East, both in human lives and in economic values.

Since the last turn of events regarding insecurity and sit-at-home lavishing the East, many things have played out, which suggest that the East has no leader, but occupiers of positions who don't know what to do and why they are there in the first place. The security of the lives and properties of the people is the primary responsibility of any government. This was elementary school teaching over the years.

The South East leaders were either compelled to meet or coerced to see each other, without any known agenda. If not, why would the Governors and Igbo leaders meet without reaching a strong agreement between the East and the FG on how to end the unresolved issue bordering on seccession activities, the activities of the outlawed IPOB members who have crippled the South East economy and have brought about bloodletting without end?

Nobody should pretend that all is well. Even the governors that have ordered the end of sit-at-home have never compensated any victims. People have lost their lives, cars, keke tricycles, etc, with no one giving them back any Kobo. Why would the governors be afraid of their lives if all is well? They say that those who declared the sit-at-home are living overseas, and that their orders should not be allowed. Whether they are living abroad is not the issue, but the effects of what is happening here. The Governor of Imo State, Uzodinma, is now moving with a double-amour tank and machine guns. Even, he was accused of moving into the Enugu government house with these heavy-amour tanks, breaking security protocols, suggesting that he didn't trust anybody, he was not sure of the Enugu government's security in case of an emergency, since the unknown Gunmen can strike at any time.

Uzodinma was accused of leaving the venue of the meeting 30 minutes after arriving, even though he was late. What can he say he offered to the meeting or what was his reason for coming if not to fulfill all righteousness? This was the case with the other governors at the meeting. They all came to fulfill all righteousness, prompting why they were not able to achieve any meaningful progress on how to end the two burning issues bordering on insecurity and sit-at-home order. Now that they have gathered and accomplished nothing, who knows when they will meet again, possibly after the 2023 general elections?

What do you think about this? Why did Uzodinma spend 30 minutes in a security meeting? Does it mean he already knew that the meeting would fail or was afraid of unforseen circumstances? Kindly send us your comments below the box. Share and like this work. Follow us for updates.





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