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“Let The North Hold Their Meat, We Biafrans Don't Need Them Anymore” — Igbo Man Says

More and more reactions have been coming in from different individuals who have continued to react to the latest move made by northerners in stopping food and meat supply to the south.

In this article, I would be showing you guys what an Igbo has to say concerning this whole issue.

Ever since Northerners decided to stop supplying food and meat to the south, there are several reports that prices of foodstuffs in those areas have rapidly skyrocketed due to the unavailability of the goods.

Despite this development, some people still believe that they don't in any way need food or meat from the north, one of such person who believe this is one Chidubem Ezeh.

According to Ezeh, Biafrans are more than okay with their lives and that they don't need any meat or foodstuffs from the north. See the screenshot of his post below:

In recent development, there are several reports that Northerners have called off their strike and are currently sending foodstuffs to the south.

What can you say about this?

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