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Security and Beauty Of Anambra State Created By Willie's Initiatives

Light is one of the basic social amenities that every nation should ensure to keep constant. The need for light is essentially important as we need it in our everyday activities, Also to help Check and Balance the National Security System. Gone were those days we needed torchlight and candles to keep the house illuminated.

The Governor Willie Obiano, In his course to make Anambra State better, He imported the initiative of Light up Anambra, The administration brought this idea to shape and stabilize the state Security System.

This initiatives lies not only in the beautiful bright light that illuminates the rural and urban communities in Anambra state at night, neither does it lies only in the penetrating rays that replace the moon- light giving beautiful colours at night nor in the LEDs that have created booming night to extending social and business hours round the watch.

The Idea was specifically imported to serve as a means of handling insecurities and check the night activities given the citizen a sense of safety, The beauty was just a plus.

However, Campaigns against crime and light organised by the Administration has been highly supported by the Governor, Who believed that a state without light suffers a great deal of criminal activities. 

While Working on road maintenance, All the dark angles along the road that might serves as hideout for thieves, Have been lighted out, Leaving no dark spot for any unusual activities of the night.

Currently, Its not doubt that Anambra is the most safest state in Nigeria as well as the most beautiful, with Free and Unrestricted movement from one town to another, And without the fear of harassment or embarrassment of any kind.

Students of Both the state University, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University as well as the Federal University, Nnamdi Azikiwe University all in Awka, attest to their free movement without the fear of thieve stealing from them, because of solar security light booming every angle. 

Night traders now have the confidence to do their business without the fear of night elements, Thereby boasting the State economy to an enviable standard.

Travelers also confirmed to the peacefulness of the state and speak highly of Obiano's Administration.

The Governor Willie Obiano has transformed Anambra state drastically to a beautiful city envious to other states.

Content created and supplied by: Kalen6114 (via Opera News )

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