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How Metering Can be a Lasting solution to the Problems facing Power Supply in Nigeria.

Power Failure is one of the numerous problems facing Nigerians; and this shouldn't even be a problem at all because Electricity is a major Basic amenity which government should made readily available to the People. The Problems Facing Power supply in Nigeria has being in existence for as long as the very existence of Electricity in the Country.

Various community has been plunged into darkness for so long that they have forgotten what it's like to have Electricity. Although, there are some metropolis, Community or even a Whole State at large in the Country that enjoy a stable power supply.

Nigeria generates more than 7,000 megawatts of Electricity, but just a little figure above 4,000 megawatts are being Used, Sold and successfully supplied, for the benefit of Nigerians; the rest are wasted as there's no means for it to reach the needy consumer of Electricity. One might be surprised as to the reason why residents of some areas in the Nation don't have access to Stable Power supply while Nigeria still has almost half of the total amount of Power she generates unused.

A simple Solution of Metering the whole Nation, by providing Electricity Meters for all households in the Country at a token amount or free of charge will prove effective in solving the challenges of power supply that has become an abscess and started to cripple the development of the Country.

Meter would afford the Government the means to monitor electricity usage by Nigerians.

It would also ensure that the government is not getting shortchanged by Electricity Consumer.

Metering will solve the problems of Over billing and Estimate bills, as the Nigerians will only have to pay for what they Consume.

More importantly, Metering doesn't mean that the government won't get back the backlog of money owed by some Consumer; matter of factly, it's an ensured means for government to recover all those monies by simply deducting a fair percentage from a defaulting Consumer's account anytime such person wishes to recharge his or her meter and continue to do so till all the money owed is paid.

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