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Obi Claims Igbos Didn't Vote More For Him In Lagos, Nasarawa, Plateau & Abuja; Yorubas & Hausas Did.

According to a recent interview with Arise News, former Anambra governor Peter Obi spoke about his performance in the recently concluded elections and why the Igbos may not have voted for him in the same proportions as expected.

Mr Obi noted that Yorubas and Hausas had voted more for him in the areas where one would've expected that the Igbos would've voted more for him.

According to his interview on Arise Tv, He said, "In the south-east, people know me, what I stand for, and that I have kept to my promises. It is a simple thing. It is like people saying I won Lagos because of the Igbos there. How many Igbos live in Lagos? I got more votes from the indigenes in Lagos than those you can call visitors. Igbos didn't vote more for me in Lagos, Nasarawa, Plateau and Abuja.”

He further went on to mention that, despite the fact that the governor of Rivers state had come out against him, he still managed to succeed in the elections. Mr Obi said, “In Rivers, where you know that the governor came out against me, I still succeeded. If the real votes of Rivers were counted, I won. I had over 50 percent of the votes. The other two parties shared the remaining figures".

The former Anambra governor’s comments thus highlighted the importance of looking beyond the expectations of who will vote for one and instead focusing on ensuring that one’s message and policies are properly communicated to all potential voters.

This is especially important considering the fact that Nigeria is made up of a diverse population with different ethnicities, religions, and ideologies. It is essential that all candidates ensure that they are reaching out to all potential voters, regardless of their backgrounds, in order to maximize their chances of success.

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